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  1. I know but that's the whole purpose, you need the original GTA IV to play this new addon. I mean if you wanted to buy an expansion then you've obviously completed the original game, most people have. I have. But some people haven't but it's entirely their fault. i meant clocked TLAD, its a little short, but the fun with the new weapons makes it AAALLLL worth it lol
  2. Thomas: the missions were great! im not trying to put you off, its great! but this was for ppl that had alreadt clocked the game Ivan: yeh, i do, and i guess your right about the tutorial missions, you just jump straight into the action in which is the first mission
  3. i guess so, and with the new guns, animations, radio i gues they hd to conserve space, but cmon missions ffs thats ridiculous
  4. well, i completed TLAD, i found it really short, i know its only an expansion but i can be longer than missions long cant it?? share your opinions plz
  5. not quite how i imagined, but awesome anyway
  6. - How many times have you had the RRoD? 2 - How long do you play on your Xbox 360? varies each day - How long do you wait for to get your 360 back? bout 2 weeks - What do you have as a back up for bordem? my computer - Does the RRoD make you wanna buy a PS3 or a Wii? no, as i have a ps3 - What games do you usually play on your 360? GTA IV, SvR 2009 ad THPG - What do you do to cool down your 360? i dont - Is your Xbox 360 placed Vertically or Horizontally? horizontally - What is the longest period you have had your 360 without RRoD? 2 1/2 years
  7. im in the waiting seat right now with you mate, until tomorrow
  8. ok TOX, new sig time, i want it same dimensions as my current, 3 sections seamlessly together 1 wiv niko 1 wiv johnny and 1 wiv a question mark and i want 'the faces of GTA IV' in pricedown font at the bottom in blood red colour
  9. i would like non-mandatory installaltions, that y i always choose the 360 version of a game over the ps3 version =/
  10. i think itll be like the ps2 6-month exclusive contract, PS3 & PC will get TLAD............................................. eventually
  11. i would, but gamestation wudnt sell me the MS points ill have to get my mum to go in and get them for me tomorrow
  12. hey! suuuuupppp! niko!!!!! lol, i love it when R* make us laugh
  13. why not UK, aww god, im well hyped, do ya when itll be up in UK????
  14. lol, i cant model for shit, i might import sum GTAIII buildings in given that idea tho
  15. hahaha, looks believeable enough, brilliant work
  16. aww thanks man, its perfect!!!
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