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  1. yeah i saw that episode i lmao when it showed it going through bridges
  2. sure but its a text based game so idk if you will like it but if you still want them then PM me
  3. Mendoza

    E3 2008

    The things i liked about E3 so far is what Microsoft said because Sony and Nintendo have done very little to impress me except little big planet and the new Star Wars but i think all of the games that Microsoft had such as Fallout 3 Fable 2 Resident Evil 5 and such were really impressive and i am hoping to hear more
  4. also Jada fire (porn star)
  5. I am white not poor but still there are poor white people a white family here all do paper routes for a living
  6. granted but it will be corrupt I wish this guys stupid sig wasn't bothering me (the one above)
  7. JT getting rick rolled are good but people who hate mountain dew,people who hate GTA people who hate their culture being Americanized people who post youtube videos about "GTA (number here) and its just GTA:SA pepsi and waking up earlier
  8. well the U.S. has small amounts of restriction on games and most of the market is in fact there so I would think that in order to do that they should keep it there but thats just imo
  9. i play mafiamatrix if you start let me know
  10. I like Kingdom hearts 2 because of the battling not the story but its fun,Runescape is fun if you like that type of stuff and i use 2 play Maplestory it was fun and i enjoyed it
  11. Mine is Cane i may have it as Zambada though or something close I try 2 get in the Los Santos Role play server
  12. description and title says it all
  13. new storyline features and city i would play but if not i would still play i would just like the extras
  14. Jenna Haze (porn star)
  15. me and my dad are on OK terms although he does drink a little 2 much from time 2 time
  16. Mendoza

    Website Filming

    *raises hand*i can write scripts,been workin on Scope from the start with Deji
  17. yeah i saw this on X-play and considered getting it for fun but deciced against
  18. game sucks,don't get me wrong i own it and beat it but it still sucks i beat it 3 times but i still don't like it lol
  19. well that won't be out until november so as of now it is
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