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  1. I don't think anything in SA is pointless. That game is like The Sims rated M. You can do just about everything in SA from doing drive bys to playing pool.
  2. Things that piss me off are john cena, chris simon, my mom and school.
  3. Facebook but only to see pics of chicks at my school lol.
  4. The world is going to practicly end in 2012 anyways.
  5. Pfft I hate punk, he is...a punk. Then again I hate most wrestlers that people like.
  6. I like the Mafia but the Diabo's have sweet ass cars.
  7. Well I actually don't think I'll have to worry because they aren't making it for PS2 and I can't see myself buying a PS3 or 360 in the near futre.
  8. Did I just see that it's not coming out for PS2? the gaming system that I have? ahh fuck.
  9. What I mean by this is that is GTAIV going to be as big as of a game as SA was? are you going to be able to swin, have a large selection of air vehicles, parachute, get tattoo, hair and clothes changes and do all that sort of stuff or is it going to be a downgrade and dissapoint?
  10. Ya I'd say that one. It wasn't fun, I couldn't see and like a minute after I pressed the left analog stick he would turn and I always smashed into those pillars.
  11. What is your favourite San Andreas moment in the game? mine was when I was as high as I could go and I jumped out of my plane and right when I touched the clouds a crop duster hit me and killed me.
  12. I just got onto the second island, I bought the game yesterday and so far, I liked the one where you fight the other Mafia, I forget their names, in the red light district.
  13. The Diablo Stallion is just plain awesome.
  14. I got a question. What kind of car does CJ's sister's boyfriend Ceasar drive?
  15. I like the Robot Chicken idea, GTA Kentucky I think it was.
  16. CJ's the shit man. But the mute guy in GTA 3 is pretty cool. But my favourite of all-time has to be Leone. He's just a playa.
  17. I love all of the cities in San Andreas but I'd have to say Las Venturas. I'm just into the whole UFO thing and Area 51.
  18. GTA I -I've never played this game GTA II - I've never played this game GTA III - Diablo Stallion GTA VC - I haven't played it in a couple of years I forget. GTA SA - I love that El Camino GTA LCS - Something GT GTA VCS - I've never played this game
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