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  1. I remember being so pumped for halo 3... got home... played it for an hour and couldn't tell the difference between halo 2.
  2. I have preordered games several times and have had the stores over-pre order, and they put you on a waiting list for the next shipment.
  3. I cant understand why the sides of those hotels don't have windows.
  4. Yeah, any store does the trick really. I only preorder at EB because it's kind of like a tradition, from way back in the day when game stores like EB were the ONLY place you could preorder a game. A few years ago if you went into like best buy, and asked to preorder a game they would probably laugh at you... now that they realize major money is involved, they're all over it.
  5. LOL British people are so awesome at swearing. "BULL fucking shit mate!"
  6. Except the ps3 in 2007 was a major flop and Sony isn't about to put out the amount of financial backing microsoft can for this extra stuff.
  7. oh dude, Marlon brando would be EPIC, like as the voice of the lead mafia boss.
  8. haha dude if I was walking home after picking it up I would be running so fast people would think I was getting chased home by a group of ravenous wolverines.
  9. You think I'm funny? Funny like what? like a clown? like I fucking amuse you?!
  10. Danny Devito would be great, any action star really chuck norris, steven segal, jean claude van damne etc.
  11. Wow, news to me So I obviously haven't seen Ricky in our the office, but he's great in Extra's.
  12. Urrrr, I'm not seeing how the office is a British television show?
  13. That comment was not even remotely racist. If you are taking offense to that you are overly-sensitive.
  14. I hope there's plenty of sopranos references in alderny
  15. Definitely broker. The more ghetto the better haha
  16. The red circled dots on the radar, is most probs the cops, in the area chasing you. then what are the blue dots?
  17. I don't understand why a left-handed person would want to do that. There are hundreds of thousands of left handed gamers who can play with the regular controls, wouldn't playing south paw for certain games just completely throw you off when you play games that don't let you?
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