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  1. how do you get this outfit? I have his crib. edit: nvm I found it
  2. The first wave is a NOOSE swat team, after that only regular police trickle in... I used the auto shotgun to clear them out, got in my truck, as you drive off to the north west there is a lot of grass and a baseball field, drive through there as you won't run into any cops, once you're in the clear of the grass you should be out of the wanted area.
  3. You have to hit LB as it's passing you, once it's stopped go up to it and hold Y to enter... this is assuming you're playing xbox360 version
  4. There's a small italian restaurant in little italy, not sure if it's marco's though.
  5. Throwing personal insults out in an argument over the internet? good one.. what's that smell? Smells like, victory.
  6. Why don't you make a video there champ. I didn't say it was the games fault. I SAID IT WAS DIFFERENT THAN THE PREVIOUS INSTALLMENTS of GTA. If you don't agree with that then maybe you should pull your head out of your ass. The driving i'm sure will be fine, it was just an initial dissapointment that they changed the physics for one of the bests parts of the game. Games EVOLVE, core GTA fans are sick and tired of the mindless driving of the previous installments.
  7. I feel like I may need to make a video showing me driving, even in the hard missions, to show that you just suck. There is nothing wrong with the game, you just can't play. I'm not sure if you've ever actually driven a real vehicle before, but you have to use your head, when you know there's a turn coming up, you have to slow down, if your brain can't comprehend that a react fast enough to slow down before going through a turn, that's your own fault, not the games.
  8. Seriously you guys have way too much time on your hands to even remotely care about this, let alone make a thread on it.
  9. I don't understand you guys really... Some of us, who have been playing GTA for many years, are sick are tired of the mindless arcade driving. If you use your head you realize the driving is a challenge, and makes the game a lot better, just BRAKE people, it isn't that difficult.
  10. I don't know how else to explain it but to chase after it in your car? I did it first time in a taxi.
  11. You don't have to use cheats, as soon as you get to the exit, lean against the wall, kill all the SWAT outside, when you go outside to your left is an old truck, hop in, and drive off.
  12. This mission is easy... you leave the hospital... kill the cops, get in a car... and drive off?
  13. One of them is wrestling patricks gun away from him, at the beginning of the alley, shoot him so he doesn't take patricks gun and kill him
  14. Xbox keeps breaking too... this seems to be a problem for all systems. No, that's just a problem with crappy xbox's... there is no issue with Xbox's and gta
  15. I feel bad for all you people with ps3s Games running great here, works perfect and looks beautiful, xbox live works WICKED, and no crashes at all
  16. Holy fucking spoilers... put some warnings up dude
  17. ... Roman hasn't given you his phone yet.
  18. Walk up to one and fly it?
  19. One thing that's upsetting me is the glock... I hate glocks... in ANY video game.
  20. Got it this morning have been playing it for 4 hours straight... taking a 15min break then going back into the action.
  21. true, and those of us with women should be taking our ladies out tonight cause they won't be seeing us for a while.
  22. Haha, I've had that game for like a year, and a couple of weeks ago I finally decided to complete the story. Lol, I'm not just saying this because I'm a huge GTA fan, but to be honest, the game really is crap compared to GTA. It's got some good things about it, and it was first on next gen... but yeah, it pales in comparison to GTA IV. I've already stocked up on junk food and coke, and have a few cans of red bull and beer too, which will get used up pretty quickly. So true... the whole game feels fake and childish... the cut scenes make me cringe... the characters are so annoying.
  23. I woke up at 7am, went out with my buddies really early and got coffee/talked about GTA... one of my buddies bought a new TV and we set it up, then we went on a 3 hour hike so we're all exhausted so I can fall asleep really early... then driving and getting GTA first thing tomorrow morning.
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