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  1. Why were the other threads closed? Mods posting reasons for a closing when it isn't blatantly obvious is common practice on most forums.
  2. http://www.rockstargames.com/IV/#?page=vid...ontent=trailer4
  3. Yeah, Rainow six 3 had voice recognition as well.
  4. It would be cool if you gave out the opposite of whatever console the winner has... for instance if the prize winner owns a 360, send him a ps3.
  5. I read there are still pay'n'sprays, they just don't reduce your wanted level.
  6. Just a thought, considering it's AFTER release, won't we all have GTA4 already?
  7. haha it's like peeking at your Christmas presents.
  8. I remember when the first trailer came out their servers crashed.
  9. It's not official, it's leaked. but it's obviously legit.
  10. http://img512.imageshack.us/my.php?image=controlsrw3.jpg ps3 controls
  11. Yeah I guess it would add to the atmosphere Yeah I guess it would add to the atmosphere
  12. Pretty much the only countries that drive on the left still are former British colonies, like in South America, South Africa, Australia etc.
  13. It's been said in multiple interviews that the game has a realistic driving system similar to that of Mafia.
  14. Was just thinking, do you guys ever get frustrated with playing GTA games and having to get in the habit of driving on the wrong side of the road? That would really tick me off especially since GTA4 is going to be a lot more realistic as far as driving laws are concerned. Too bad they couldn't make a version for UK/Irish/Australian gamers so it wouldn't feel so weird to drive.
  15. I loved how realistic Mafia was, but one thing that always upset me was the driving... it felt so stiff. I can't wait for this game, car chases online will be so intence
  16. I'm really excited about the active suspension, like in the trailers when they hit the bump the way the suspension acted was wicked.
  17. So I've been trying to beat the first cuban mission for quite some time now, and I kind of figured I just sucked, but I did it FLAWLESSLY, a few times, and still was about 5 seconds short, so I looked up a youtube video of the mission, and noticed the boat I'm driving is WAY slower, I mean, when I hit the first jump I cant even clear the golf course, I land on it and slide, every time... I'm using the PC version, no mods installed, anybody have a clue what it could be?
  18. I bet it will be some sort of pamphlet for immigrants.
  19. Yup. I'm gonna be surgical with that baby.
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