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  1. Shotguns finally actually shoot right!!! Shotguns are my favorite in every game and I was really annoying with the stupid horizontal spread way the previous GTA's worked, gotta say I'm pumped to use the shotguns in GTA4
  2. I'm so glad they did this, driving into a pay n spray in plain view of like 20 cops and then just driving away made me feel like such a retard.
  3. I agree, I thought I saw somewhere that niko only wears the helm while riding the sport bikes.
  4. Take note he's wearing different jackets in both pics
  5. Ignorance = lack of knowledge We were just pointing out that black taxi's in NYC are extremely common therefore the likeliness of peds being able to use pay n sprays is pretty slim.
  6. Enjoy http://blackberryforums.pinstack.com/64036...ta_4_theme.html Bittersweet
  7. Yeaahhhh she's from england though so we have to understand his ignorance
  8. one thing I just realized I would like to know, is what guns are returning.
  9. Rockstar is taking a real mafia-like approach, as to how the game is more realistic? As in the traffic laws, concealing weapons etc?
  10. First Post... heh Kind of a silly question but I've been reading facts all day and I can't seem to find an answer... I know there's no planes, but what about the ability to fly helicopters? I read there is a guided helicopter tour of the city and also mentioned you can jack the helicopter... so I assume they'd be flyable...? Thanks
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