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  1. That's so embarrasing. They should cancel it right now and at least remake this with hand-drawn or 3D anime/manga characters and don't reinvent ,what's already awesome.
  2. If it would I wouldn't mind going back to Vice City. Like GTA 4 is the remake of Liberty City,GTA 5 would be remake of Vice City,GTA 6 would be remake of San Andreas
  3. Killing and robbing are only acceptable in games. Perhaps she didn't want you to become a thug.That's all.I'd let my children play such games if they wouldn't do anything like it in the real life.
  4. Spiderman-Peter Parker Prince of Persia And recently : The Punisher-Frank Castle
  5. If I had played VCS I probably would've chosen Vic , because he's not so much of a thief as the others. I think Tommy used drugs ,so gotta pick Carl
  6. So why wasn't LCS and VCS releasied for PC ?
  7. Someone should make a mod for this.Bravo!
  8. "Haha , Finally ....(to disc) Just please work"
  9. I don't like driving trucks and huge vechiles (except tanks and planes) so I'm looking forward to cars ,bikes and helicopters.
  10. The only unreal thing about tanks was that every sigle car it touched the car exploded.The jetpack was amazingly fun to fly around ,and I used the cheat to it a lot some time ago,before I cut down cheat using amount down to three.
  11. I wish there was a cure for stupidity...
  12. All from Flash FM , for example "Kiss the Dirt" Crockett's theme for emotion 2 other songs from VRock and Wildstyle
  13. Flying over the SA with Shamal and exiting in mid-air above the ocean after you set course to the beach always looks awesome.
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