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  1. That's so embarrasing. They should cancel it right now and at least remake this with hand-drawn or 3D anime/manga characters and don't reinvent ,what's already awesome.
  2. If it would I wouldn't mind going back to Vice City. Like GTA 4 is the remake of Liberty City,GTA 5 would be remake of Vice City,GTA 6 would be remake of San Andreas
  3. Killing and robbing are only acceptable in games. Perhaps she didn't want you to become a thug.That's all.I'd let my children play such games if they wouldn't do anything like it in the real life.
  4. Spiderman-Peter Parker Prince of Persia And recently : The Punisher-Frank Castle
  5. If I had played VCS I probably would've chosen Vic , because he's not so much of a thief as the others. I think Tommy used drugs ,so gotta pick Carl
  6. So why wasn't LCS and VCS releasied for PC ?
  7. Someone should make a mod for this.Bravo!
  8. "Haha , Finally ....(to disc) Just please work"
  9. I don't like driving trucks and huge vechiles (except tanks and planes) so I'm looking forward to cars ,bikes and helicopters.
  10. The only unreal thing about tanks was that every sigle car it touched the car exploded.The jetpack was amazingly fun to fly around ,and I used the cheat to it a lot some time ago,before I cut down cheat using amount down to three.
  11. I wish there was a cure for stupidity...
  12. All from Flash FM , for example "Kiss the Dirt" Crockett's theme for emotion 2 other songs from VRock and Wildstyle
  13. Flying over the SA with Shamal and exiting in mid-air above the ocean after you set course to the beach always looks awesome.
  14. I wouldn't like that , I once played a Vice City mod with fuel hack .That was cool at the begining ,but it got very annoying after playing like 20 minutes
  15. Rock ,Metal , Punk Rock (I think it's called something like that,though I might confuse the genres), Pop on Vice City
  16. Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing Ana Johnson - We Are (Spiderman 2 OST) Rammstein - Fuer Frei Scorpions - Wind of Change Linkin Park - With you Metallica - The Unforgiven 2 Limp Bizkit - My way Gige D'agostino - I'll fly with you Vice City OST - Kiss the Dirt (falling down the mountain) Vice City OST - Run to you
  17. Can PS3 really emulate PS2 games? If it can then is it only the 60GB version ?
  18. Yeah ,Photo Opportunity can glitch sometimes. Look what happened to me Have you tried replaying the mission ?
  19. I could tell what's not my favourite - the trash territories (Like where Lance was being kept) , the golf courts ,upper left side of the left island and the docks.Everything else is great
  20. The map isn't gonna be as big as San Andreas, Liberty City won't have a country side, it's all city. Even though they have made Liberty City bigger now than before it's not as big as San Andreas. Hope this answers your question. It has been said that it is smaller than San Andreas but about twice the size of the original Liberty City (GTA III) That makes it only a little more bigger than Vice City
  21. I went for myth-busting tour once and found some answers The bags near the abandoned airport are the ones that two gangmembers of Leone threw in the special video showing what happened before GTA Sa , in San Andreas. The ghost cars are real ,found two in Back O Beyond and one North of the abandoned airstrip (airport), but I never saw them driving by themselves. The map with dots in Mike Toreno's house shows where mystic things are - could be UFOs or ghost cars - I will take further research on this Never saw an UFO ,except the fake model near the restaurant somwhere in the dessert However ,I've seen moving balls of light , which ,if you fly near to them will change your course (direct you to fly right/left) As I've seen the videos on youtube - CJ's mother is just a random pedestrian woman , as is leather face or that guy with coat and a hat. Bigfoot and Leatherface are mods. I can upload images if you need,just ask Be back with more updates
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