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    A Military Academy, its kick ass.
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    Hellow members of TGTAP. How's everything been going ever since I've been inactive? Just so you guys know that I'm enrolled in a Boarding school in Canada, which means less GTA and more outside :/ So anyway now I'm home and ready to socialize with a well known Grand Theft Auto community. -Husky (If this topic seems like spam, its because I've gotten like 5 hours of sleep in the 3 days of traveling).
  3. I think when you are driving on the iPod version I think you have to tilt the screen in axis.
  4. I think that the iPhone version will have many complaints for people who have extremely large hands. But I might download the App, if its worth buying.
  5. I pre-ordered mine just today for $5 dollars at GameStop. Man the box art looks sweet!
  6. It's Red Dead Redemption. I'd be surprised if Rockstar would put horses in IV.
  7. Yellow, i had a dream about your hair and i cummed blood. wtf.

  8. Ha, I don't think so. If they did I would of been in a psychological doctors office for fucking pizza's(That topic has gotten old though.). But since i got suspended for calling a new guy a faggot, Spaz the great made a new signature for me with pizza on it. Then when i post fail posts people would just call me a " pizza fucker". They also wanted to change my avatar into a pizza. But I dont now why they didnt.
  9. Welcome back Laggy, its good to see you again.
  10. What part of slim, didn't you get? I lol'd. Well this is good because now hopefully they'll be more people from TGTAP on a PS3! Edit: The 60GB PS3 weighs about 5.1Kg's and on average a brick weighs about 2.7Kg a piece. So the PS3 is actually just under the weight of 2 bricks. Now, because the PS3 Slim is 36% lighter, if we do the math... the new PS3 slim weighs about 3.2Kg. I have compiled these results into a table to make it easier to find the result you are looking for. Weight of BrickWeight of old PS3Weight of Slim PS3 2.7Kg5.1Kg3.2Kg I guess Husky won't be buying it. Of course I won't. Its the same cost of the Elite 360, with the same hard-drive space. The Elite weighs slightly more than a ps3 slim. But I would recommend people who are just getting into the PlayStation world to buy a slim.
  11. Best... GTA IV screenshots... ever. This DLC is going to fucking own.
  12. I just go home from playing at Gamefrog. I spent about 5 hours ($10) playing Call of Duty Modern warfare on the 360. It kicked ass. I might go and try to complete the campaign by tomorrow. I can't wait for number 2.
  13. Is it okay if you add a walkthrough of this on youtube? I've seen the trailer, asnd it was nice!
  14. This guy has my point. Screw Top Down, its so old school. The screens look alright though, but I just hope the sound and quality have improved alot.
  15. Wen you first started this topic, i thought your bike was going to look like the Zombie. Nice bike though, it reminds me of the Hexer or the Angel. But how cime you used old parts? I mean the tyre's, and the chain. The rest looks vicious, but the tyre... No offense was used in this post. Wen you first started this topic, i thought your bike was going to look like the Zombie. Nice bike though, it reminds me of the Hexer or the Angel. But how come you used old parts? I mean the tyre's, and the chain. The rest looks vicious, but the tyre... No offense was used in this post.
  16. Since I have seen many people wondering how to download very cool mods and such, I've decided to start a topic on how to install them. Download- Well first you have to download them. You can download some mods at Mod my GTA , GTA Gaming or TheGTAPlace. There's more sites that have modifications. Just google " GTA IV Mods " and mod sites will pop up for you. But those two websites are the most active since they upload mods all the time. (Mod my GTA is sometimes invaded by hackers, so sometimes the website doesnt even work. Asi Mods- Some use scripthook.dll, others use g4mhook.dll to 'hook' them to the GTA IV script. Some use no scripthook at all. Another group scripthook.net but since I don't use these I leave these out of this tutorial. Asimods need an asi loader that loads them in the game. Mods that usescripthook.dll will only work in single player (SP) and in free- andpartymode. Mods that use g4mhook.dll also work in all the othermulti player (MP) matches as will mods that don't use any form ofscripthook. For mods to work in MP you need FileCheckFix.asi downloadable from the sites mentioned above as from http://alexander.san...category=gta_iv. Allscripthooks and the asi loader are downloadable from the sitesmentioned above. The most used asi loader can also be found on http://alexander.san...ory=iv_programs Putthe mod(s), the asi loader, scripthook/g4mhook and FileCheckFix in yougta folder, for example c:\Program Files\Rockstar\Grand Theft Auto iv\and run the game. For Vista users: launch Rockstar Games Social Club, open your gta folder, rightclick LaunchGTAIV.exe and choose 'run as admin'. Warnign: do not use modifications to cheat on online matches. You'll be banned. Even car mods... I work at GameFrog. I hope I helped. Uh, thanks Sim Viper from BGF.
  17. You do realize this was originally created for DS right? DS doesn't have the same capabilities that PSP does, so those lights will look alot more better on the PSP. Durr? Woof-woof?
  18. Holy Shit. I wish I could play this... but I have to wait till December.
  19. Is it me or does the trenchcoat guy looks like he's from Red Dead Rendemption? That guy is also seen in the Fort Carson area. I've seen this guy before, and shot me somehow with a country rifle about 00:54. Lucky I killed him though.
  20. I wish that CTW looked more like the " Grand Theft Auto Stories " like back then... instead of this.
  21. I found a Solid Button Glitch. It doesnt just work on my PC, it also works on my mom's, family, and the Mac. I don't know everytime I get ready to log in it says my username and then password automatically. Then when I press Go or Sign In it just stays stuck. So I have to go to password and press Enter. And this also works when your signed in too, like when your on the main forum page and click on "View New Content" it does nothing. I even click on the sub forums and it does nothing. The only un-solid buttons that work can go through other people's profile's. :/
  22. LOL Look who's talking. I'm suprised your fail rate is near Raybob's. Anyway you post about an average of 2-3 topics a day. You post alot... and I mean alot. I guess I was wrong when I said you act very mature for your age.
  23. Yeah, its only a month old. But realy I'd run out of China if I where afraid. Unless thats would steam might do if Apple runs the Macedonia Republic.
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