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  1. Husky

    What the hell, on your ps3 it says you've been online for about 3 days now.

  2. He, I'm actually a Scion tc fan myself. I just think the XB is just a box with wheels.
  3. Has anyone noticed on the back cover of Episodes from Liberty City that Luis has a diffrent jacket and a yellow shirt? Its in that picture with that girl in the pink...
  4. I got basic things, I'm glad for them. I got AE clothes and affliction. And a vacation to a various foreign country.
  5. @Steam : WUT: It's obvious you haven't even seen the movie, I thought that 2012 was the best movie I've ever seen in 2009 other than Alvin and the Chipmunks. Oh and by the way, It was not necessary to burst out with swears like that anyway.
  6. I seen it, it was great. I laughed at the dramatic old black president scene. Everyone in the theatre started to laugh.
  7. Instead of calling the Babylon, shouldn't she just turn the bumbaclot game off and give him a beating for disrespect? What a waste of time. Love 'ta patwar ya speakin der rasta. If you watched that locked up thing for kids on Fox and Spike TV, there is a bunch of kids who go to jail for things like that.
  8. Husky


    Raybob, I would a stopped if I where you.
  9. I was using Mozilla Firefox. It's kind of odd how it shows on different computers for me.
  10. Yes, this game had a epic storyline, but I would of been satisfied if it was longer and had it's own CD. I played this game the first day I got it. It was thrilling.
  11. Simply beautiful, this is my screen saver now. I love your work.
  12. Am I the only one who has this problem whenever I try to reply on a topic? Everytime I make a reply that happens.
  13. What happend to the "Topic of the Year" category?
  14. Yep, sure is. Since no body here plays GTA IV on the PS3 no more but I and I.
  15. Of cours I will! I just don't have the right PC to upload the banner on the website. The computer I'm using right now is a very old computer. It crashes alot if I'm not in IE or Firefox.
  16. Sorry for the extremely late reply! I was offline for a long time. My parents won't let me go on the computer that much. But it looks kick ass then what I thought it would look like! Man you rock! I have much respect for you.
  17. I found a way how to get rich in TBoGT on the first day I bought the CD. Here is what you do: - Complete the mission "Mama's Boy" - Go to LC Cage fight on your map. - Go down stars and bet all of your money on the person you think will win. - If the person you betted on wins you will get DOUBLE on what you betted on. Keep doing this and you will be a millionare in less than a half hour. Oh and you must also put the game on Auto Save Off for obvious reasons. I have about 1,000,000 from cage fights.
  18. Husky

    lol. Remember a coupla weeks ago my cousin was playing with you online and I was controlling the sound board of Martin Lawrence Voice? "Oooooaahh!!!" lmao.

  19. I don't mean to bug people here but, when I was just browsing around the website and the forum to see if there where any interesting topics. I've clicked on the "Cartoons are bad for kids" topic made by steam and I have seen Steam have a Restricted rank. Raybob has this also. I'm kind of puzzled from this because there is no information about restricted members. Can anyone explain what the heck is going on?
  20. I lol'd through the whole topic. 5/5 I didn't notice the sex starts in the Lion King. lmao.
  21. You look " Super Delicious " lol
  22. This is a waist of time. It shows Missions and gameplay with the game editor. Nothing special, it will just bore you with a headache.
  23. Husky

    Petition Rockstar!

    I'm reading info about the Cult right now. And I remember the stragest things the article mentions about the Epsilon. Its talking about a " Red Truck " and the Sherman Dam being the " Pass ". And to note that there is a red truck first seen in the teaser trailer of GTA San Andreas. When I was playing 2-Player mode with my sister. I had a White and Brown Rancher, when I was almost to the end of the dam, a Red Benson crashed infront of me. I was pissed so I jacked the guy, and the guy I ended up jacking out of the truck was the trenchcoat guy. It's wierd that the trenchcoat man doesnt really spawn in the place. This happend 3 years ago.
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