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  1. I use to watch that show personally. And I still do. I really didn't know though it showed in different countries other than Australia and the British region.

  2. Is the show "Thomas and Friends" air on Cartoon Network in the Philippines?

  3. gud 4 u sexxi botyman.

  4. I think the "0 NEW PM's" thing is normal, because its been like that on every forum I joined. And my account has the same problem Deji has.
  5. I'm taking everyone's advice. I'll see what i could do to refund that money. But therer isnt anything special like a graphics card or anything?
  6. I ordered a Dell XPS from the Dell website today. And I was thinking about using that one for playing video games online and stuff. I have about 5,000 dollars to waist on this project. Can someone tell me some good shiz to put inside of it? Like I;m a noob to this sort of stuff so I basically dont even know what the hell I'm doing. Also I'm too scared to pull out anything I don't know and muck up the thing. What are the best stuff for gaming?
  7. LOL what a coincidence. I watched that video before I made that quote.
  8. Dirt 2, the crisp visuals are unbelievable.
  9. Really? Raybob, I think its just your computer. Because before they came up with the 360p my computer was slower than a turtles orgasm. I mean it would stop and keep going for about a coupla minutes. Well the computer I use has the worst performance, and still plays HD smoothly. Try waiting a few days without going on YouTube, and make sure your computer is plugged into the router.
  10. Husky

    HMMM. I might try, I'll get a pc version of this though. I dont know. I'll just copy your system specs.

  11. Husky

    Yeah, I'd rather play it online without mods anyway. Plus there will be alot of people using TLAD OR TBOGT on the PS3. Including yours truly.

  12. Husky

    See you on TBOGT...

  13. I'm very, very pissed off by this. I agree with Slyde, this was very late. I can't believe this, well at least this will keep all of the moaning noobs off of GTAF and YouTube. But at least I get to enjoy the good ol' Multiplayer games from it though! But the only thing that's a mystery is if its coming out for the disc, or download...
  14. Husky

    happy birthday mate.

  15. Why would America invade Haiti anyway?
  16. That was the most fucked up shit I've ever seen. The school would love to put money in for charity for this website.
  17. Thats because many people know where Haiti is. My classmates thought it was in Africa or somewhere.
  18. Scion TC = Toyota Camry

  19. @Chris: You don't understand though, don't go to Negril. Go to Kingston the REAL Jamaica and you'll see why. But anyways I think i might start this about next month maybe, if i can borrow my mums mac and get a PS3 camera. If there is a prize I'll donate it to the earthquake in Haiti. http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire
  20. Okay, so I was just browsing through the rockstar games website news and I seen that some college student has beaten the 28 hour world record of IV, to 55 hours. I don't mean to brag though but when I was in Jamaica one vacation I've played GTA4 for 3 days straight one vacation (this was before I had a PSN account). So my main point of this topic is to say that I want to step up and beat this record. Does anyone here think that I have the chance to beat the 55 hour record?
  21. If you are talking about N.C scion owners then I know what you mean lol

  22. I have no advice for you, but there is an infinite health cheat that's already on the disk. Try using "hesoyam".
  23. Well its obvious, the meaning of life is to live. Who cares anyway, just live life and be happy. Maybe you will turn into a duck in the afterlife.
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