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  1. Husky

    Petition Rockstar!

    ...Or if you wan't the truth just email them about the cult program. The Cult is also mentioned by peds in GTA4, and Vice City.
  2. Husky

    Petition Rockstar!

    You are about five years late. It has been confirmed by Rockstar that " Leatherface/Epsilon and big foot are not in the game, just like in real life. "
  3. Never! Gregorio was swearing at me just for the lulz. so we where just joking around in Spanish. It wasn't just to insult him. We had our laughs.
  4. I was joking around when a hispanic friend of mine sent me something i spanish. So I wrote this: " Fuck you, you fucking cunt, maybe you should stick that keyboard up your ass sideways, you'll probably like it you fucking faggot bitch. " In spanish this says: Vete a la mierda, hijo de puta de mierda, tal vez debería palo que keyboard en el culo de lado, probablemente va a gustar perra de mierda maricón In english it translates too.. Fuck you, motherfucker shit, maybe you should stick to keyboard in the ass sideways, probably will not like dog shit fag Contribute a better translation lol translator fails.. *Note - if one of the mods give me a warn or something because this is too much profanity, can you please use that old spoiler thing that would highlight anything black. I couldnt find it.
  5. I'll look after the fun and off topic section.
  6. It is possible... Rockstar did say you could donwload a 100% completion, but will be labled. If you don't have an XBOX live account then you will be fine. Just go to a website like gamefaqs.com and install it on your consol.
  7. If you play as Carl Johnson, why would I make him a female? And plus all of that stuff you said wouldn't even fit on the data.
  8. Has anyone noticed that this poster was posted in game? In my opinion I thikn that its just a movie poster, and tells a story about the events in Grand Theft Auto IV. Err, like Yusuf Amir. In his Mega loft apartment he had the GTA IV credits playing on his TV in all of his cutscene's. Maybe he had bought it first because he's a billionare. And by " Next Stop " it's probably just another joke R* is pulling, just like that R.I.P CJ graffiti.
  9. *Bitchslaps BobRay59 Rosengburg the same thing happend to me on the 4th of November. There was 2 things that I did. 1. - Erase all of the memory for Episodes from Liberty City. 2. Returned the CD to the store and got a new one.
  10. Gerrard, may I become the forum boss of the Fun and off Topic section? I know I won't do anything stupid. I can maybe turn thing down when stuff gets out of hand? By the way I'm active here 24/7. That was 3 month ago though. That was when there was something I had to be to. Anyway I'm active all the time and I'm extremely interested in this.
  11. I had already installed the latest patch (1.1) Then what do I do? I need a new crack? Or something? Ha... serves you right for buying a cracked version and not supporting the company itself who made the game, TGTAP doesnt help people out with illegal copies.
  12. Hey Toxic. Can you make a website banner for me please? I'd appreciate it.
  13. Husky

    My First Car!

    My Acura has been sitting in my mothers garage for about 3 months. Today when I start the vehicle it starts then screeches then shuts it self down.wtf. If I had a video camera with me I WOULD record the failness.
  14. In my leisure time I usually play with my Alto Saxophone. 4/10
  15. Episodes from Liberty City Modern Warefare 2: For some reason I can't get pass the level with the hiding in the snow and sniping the German Shepard and the other guy in the snow with captain Mackintosh.
  16. - 2010 Sidekick LX - Mac Book Pro 13 (school) - iTouch
  17. I hope the new GTA has the same " Ballad of Gay Tony feel".
  18. Cool, you must of hated the packing and moving from England.

  19. I just bought this game for the 360 two days ago. Its awesome!
  20. Holy balls, I was at a Military School. lol.

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