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  1. wdf iz dis´╗┐ foool Muthafuka' cant evn hold dda camra bich n u wan us 2 subscribe on dis shit bich fuk yall (YouTube) Edit: Sorry, I didn't realize how old this topic was. I just wanted to revive it. :/
  2. Ducking helps. Motorbikes go way faster when you duck... The wheelie works when youre accelaratin Uh... which makes you go faster, yes? My mistake, both techniques work.
  3. Ducking down never works. Try popping a wheelie. It always works, try it. If you pop a wheelie and just aim for the open door you'll get there I guarantee you.
  4. No I'm not. Just because I masturbate with a pizza , and watch Bestiality Porno does mean that I am a sicko. I'm just like Randy Marsh from southpark. He watches all of the porn. even pizza.
  5. R* is good at making trailers. I can't wait to see if Luis has a different appearance, and if the Tampa is his car.
  6. It's also the same thing with a shaving cream ad. There are plenty more. I'd love to show you but unfortunately my PC would crash if I open up my files.
  7. I got a question... I've been on here with no ads on my mothers computer. And at the homepage that you are talking about Chris. There is just a big empty spot where the ad is suppose to be. It looks kinda stupid. No offense, your web mastery is awesome.
  8. It begs the question: How the fuck do you know this?! or How many dogs have you abused!? Brazilian Porno.
  9. You know I had a similar problems with ads on the forums. When ever I post in Fast Reply, this stupid Pizza Hut , Caroline , Orphan(Movie) , and Shaving Cream advertisement keeps popping out when I try to post. Plus, it pops out of no where when I'm reading some of the other posts too. Some of the ads can't be removed because there is no X.
  10. I'm not happy now, maybe me and that dog should do some quality Pizza fucking. Oh btw I just don't want to see another topic turn into a topic about Pizza, or bestiality porn :/
  11. It depends if the women has a big asshole. Dog's with big dicks won't even slide all the way in.
  12. Here's a tip: Are you just driving in front of the chopper and then blow the rocket launchers at it? That will not work. This is what you do, just drive on the freeway and stop where they're are a bunch of tree's. When the Helicopter is at the end of the runway with the tree's it will stop for a total of 5-10 seconds giving you an opportunity to shoot it down. Give it one more try.
  13. FUCK Urban Dick suckers http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Courtney
  14. ShaneDawesonTV on You Tube was making fun of her music in one of his video's called Emo Bop. But really who the fuck is Lady Gaga? I've never heard of her. Her music must suck. She reminds me of Carmen from GTA IV.
  15. Spaz, thanks for the signature I like it a lot lol.

  16. If the dog is a Golden Retriever, then the penis would most likely go in the asshole. Have you even seen two dogs fuck? I've seen a dog fuck a woman, (pr0n for teh lulz) all where anal.
  17. Still not as strange as you, pizza fucker. I'm flattered ... lets try to stay on topic now.
  18. The adopted child will have a weird life (''dad, can you help me with my homework?'' ''woof woof'' ''why not?'' ''wuf'' ''oh alright'') xD Think about it for a second, it will just be doggystyle Anal sex.
  19. Don't get it for your laptop, yes a PC version is better but I'd recommend using a desktop that fits the system requirements. Laptops are slower.
  20. If anyone want's to see a video of a guy saying that pizza is better than Pussy, then email or PM me.
  21. I am a fan of that series! I also spend the rest of my freetime watching the TV show on YouTube.
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