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  1. It depends on what system you have. You have a 360? It wont work then.
  2. Okay so It works now, the pieces are just fallen off. So this is what Ive been talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buq0QBwW1WU...feature=related So it wasnt me.
  3. Husky


    Ahem, you should call the Thats how I got my router fixed. Oh and if your trying to by a regular router go to best buy. The will have some cheap ones for 50 US dollars. And your Xbox will be connected to lynksis.
  4. How to fix your car fast without cheats and pay n spray - To fix your car automaticaly, what you do is pick up your phone and dial 911 while your in the car. Your car will turn from broken down to normal again.
  5. This does the same thing to me, all you have to do is do the freakin tutorial.
  6. CatWhoHas14Tails. Pisses me off, think she is funnier.
  7. Calm down just trying to make a joke out of it, guess that I went too far. lol Yo mama's so fat when she stepped on the floor she made the floor cave in.
  8. This is what you can do. Use X-ray vision.
  9. The hospital called your mamma & said they're giving her a refund because you're broken. She did it wrong.
  10. Wow your sig is from automatolista. Hate that game, Well your sig is a 10/10 nice one.
  11. ... Now you guys tell me.
  12. I will be 15 in January.
  13. The top cover fell off, I didnt mean like ripped in half and pulled the green micro-chips no, 5th one I broke. I'll show you pics of it.
  14. Its too late, i broke it to bits, because of mood swings, but thanks though good thing I have warranty.
  15. I just sighned up for PSN three days ago, and I got a connection to my PS3 wireless. Now today when I tried to play GTA IV it froze before I played the game and then it started. Then it went to the liscense screen then it said the latest update version is 1.01 . You must install not press 'X' to continue press 'O' To cancelle. The first time I continue. Then it loads up for 30 freakin minutes. Then it said an error accourd ( PD89327DS ). So the second time i pressed cancelle. Then it will load up , and then show artwork of GTA IV loading screen while soviet connection is playing. Then it says an error occored. I press cancelle then two pics more an error accourd. Then it said " Fail to load going to main menu". So then I cut the PS3 off and started again and unpluged my Ethernet cable and tried again this time worse it did the same things again! So then I cut the PS3 all the way off then I tried to reset it when it starts it plays it PS3 tune then it says " Your PS3 disc drive is corrupted please re-install." I re - install and it restarted it self. Then it played the PS3 tune again. Then it said " Your PS3 disc drive is corrupted please re-install." I got so pissed after that then ending up throwing it across the room. Want me to elaborate more?? Here look Great, I dont even know how to upload pictures from a Fuji Flim camera can some one please help me before I break something else??
  16. Check South Bohan , Alderney , Dukes and Broker.
  17. Avitar: 6/10 Pretty Old Signature ( Userbar ): 9/10 Person: I dont know you very well but i can predict that your a nice person. 4/10
  18. Ive first played Grand Theft Auto 3 when I was in Kindergarten. At the age of 5, amazing that I beat the game.
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