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  1. Thanks Chris and Spider Vice. I didnt know that It will decrease the popularity.
  2. Hello members of TGTAP. I've been here for the last month in a half and I have seen new members who have ' just ' joined posting questions and making clans. I know that some people just want to know some information on how to beat a sertain mission on video-games, asking questions that you can find on wiki answers.com. A few of us members know that there are some members who are about 11 and show a very high level of im-mature. My point is couldnt there be a subform or a " questions link on the homepage to the site so there could be less members posting questions and threads? For an example, the money symbol under our avatar Chris had to delete because new members failed to read pinned topics about dollars ect.
  3. Say Thomas instead can you make a sig of thispicture? Cut the backround out and put any of your affects in.
  4. Thanks, could you capture some scenes from the first of GTA IV? Is it possible if you can capture scene 18 - 28 and reverse it and starts over again (repeat).
  5. About time, because that always ticked me off. I'm glad they fixed that problem, it always messes up my wireless ethernet connection.
  6. not animations, like for ex. like bullet proof boy signature. Thats what i mean.
  7. 1. Hit a car with the car your driving teh car starts to explode or starts to show smoke ( black smoke ) 2. Cant turn subtitles off 3. Sucky driving handling 4. Die easly 5. Get rant over once and *Dead* 6. Poor Audio 7. Stupid and the worst hydro's in GTA gaming. 8. Ugly cars 9. Catalina should of been voiced by Katt Williams 10. No Darkel, and no driving the plane into D.L's building.
  8. Who is your most favorite Girlfriend? I would of dated " From Russia Without Love "
  9. No, It depends on what cheat code you've had used. If you used a cheat that affects the game-play then it will corrupt your file. It depends on what cheat you used.
  10. Nice Huckelberry, I was going to do the same, but anyway too slow lol.
  11. Husky

    Website Filming

    Yeah, I plan on doing a series but not like that Clyro.
  12. Not trying to be a mod or anything but, I would say Topic Locked.
  13. I think there was a topic like this already.
  14. Husky

    Website Filming

    Once again hey everyone on the gta place. I've just had a chat with one of staff members. So I decided to start a series for TGTAP. Would you like to become a member of the team? If you guys have any recording materials to record off of your PS3. PM me or post it below. Have you experienced it before? Or know anyone who has recorded GTA videos and post them on to Windows Movie Maker. PM me his or hers e-mail address. I would also need someone who can write & script for each character on every episode. And also need about 3 people who could direct the actors who dont know what they are doing (which they will be telling by head-sets). As what I said at the top I will need 'actors' yes. They will need to be in an important role as dirrectors. I will just need to get some information out first before we start filmiing. And no, I havnt thought of an episode to film about right now, and we will be filming on the PS3 if thats possible. Here are the jobs below. Directors Husky Script Writers Mendoza , Husky Scedual Guy Actors Recorders Movie Posters Husky If I could get a hold of your PSN ID's then we will be fine if you request is to be an actor. The game that we will be using of course is GTA IV, of course just so you know. The timezones are something minor I will think about later.
  15. Ahem, there are only two weapon sets, the flame thrower and the satchel charges would be my favorite.
  16. What is the forum that you visit the most on the site?
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