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  1. So your saying if you pre - orderd it you get it the day before it comes out?
  2. I found this on the original website of GTA IV, and it looks simular to Roman do you think Niko killed Roman? What do you think?
  3. Top pic is an admiral. Roman cant afford a washington.
  4. I agree, Grand Theft Auto 3 radio station songs are much better.
  5. Nobody noticed him until Trailer 3 and the flash scene in trailer 4.
  6. Whats your favorite mission? Mine is the mission End of the Line when you perform a drive - by shooting. Called End Of The Line. The Topic seemed a little boring so i edited it.
  7. Haha lol ^ vbfn Vibrating B-stard feeds noob.
  8. Most of you guys may of heard of GTA 3 (Beta). I found a reason why there isnt a beta edition to it. Its because of one of the characters. Rockstar has deleted two characters out. Darkel and Curtly. Obviously we have no idea who Curtly is but Rockstar hasn't released the problem why the game has been canceld. The character 'Darkel' a homeless guy who lived under the Callahan Bridge, has orderd Claude to steal an Ice Cream Truck then arm it with a bomb then attrack childern, then blow them up. In another mission Darkel orderd Claude to go to the Elementary school ( that has been replaced with the local Hospital ) steal a School Bus, arm it with a bomb and pick up the children and bomb the bus. Which is a simularaty that you murder children in the game. Also in the beta game before you even play the game Rockstar lets you choose a name for Claude. Claude wasnt realy the main character of the game. Rockstar replaced the 'real character' Novy, seen in the youtube video . In the beta edition the game play looks just like the Simpsons Hit and Run. There were also two deleted cars called the Panto and the Diablo (Original). And here is some pictures of the gameplay here.Heres one when Claude jackes the Cheetah, and notice that the punk noodles is replaced with two statues. Here is another on the fist mission 'Give me Liberty' notice that there is a school bus in the backround. Here is a picture of Claude running in the middle of the street, notice that Claude has a odd looking Face. Plus Claude never ment to have a name. Rockstar mentioned a name for him when Maria called him Fido on one mission.
  9. Actualy you can here them from other cars because thats GTA's new feature. And when you exit the vehicle the radio still plays. One of the game magazines once said that you could listen to the music whil walking.
  10. Looks like the Club from San Andreas.
  11. When ever I try to access at school, they block it.
  12. I've had the same problems. Here is some tips for N.O.E When you get into the plane and you taxi off of the runway make a right turn. Try to not hit those giant rocks. Go towards the water. (You'll need some practice for that) Go to the ocean and stay below the radar. When you get to the destination fly over the drop point. And go to the ocean again and fly back to the air strip. Mission complete. Youll be able to do the Las Venturas missions after that.
  13. For my opinion, its not best to pre-order from the internet, its best to order from a local game store. I bought San Andreas off the internet it turned out as a fraud.
  14. gft - getting funky town!
  15. If you played Grand Theft Auto 3 Ray Michowski from LCS told claude that he would be in Miami, that was there meeting point to there new life. And all of the characters are not dead. "Lazurus" aka Lazlow has returned in the game.
  16. I would just finish the first level then go to multiplayer.
  17. RIABNP Roman Is A Big Nooby Pants.
  18. This is a game that I thought to my self, all you do is slap you keyboard and you'll get something random like this: yjme = you jacked my elephant. Enjoy! Its fun and easy! You'll se all of the random stuff other members came up with!
  19. You will be able to start the engine and shut it off. And yeah they will vanish like always. The only way they might stay in place where you parked them is if you get out imediatly. When you go back to the location it will be there if your not wasted or busted.
  20. I've seen it, its awsome but its not that good.
  21. You will be able to acess buildings, shopping marts , bowling alleys , and safehouses. On all buildings you will be able to acess fire exits and roof tops.
  22. Its on the Grand Theft Auto Official Site when you click on Liberty City. Sorry if its not what your looking for.
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