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  1. Yeah I heard it was Los Santos too...
  2. apparently it started in phillipines i saw homosexual porn coming on my news feed and all these racist pictures i dont get how FB let this happen they should have gotten rid of it by now
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/england/8663681.stm lol.. bnp candidate provoked asian men first and insulted them
  4. Your improving, I chose europe(i want to see london) but i want to see vice city in its GTAIV style
  5. the op is drowning himself in curry my family come from india
  6. treyarch said the customizable killstreaks from mw2 will return but the game-ending nuke will not i wonder what'll replace the nukes
  7. saw the announcement trailer looks pretty good
  8. talking about 3D games here, not 2D. the 3d liberty, vice, sa have nothing to do with 2d's liberty was shown 3 times in 3D, Vice twice, SA once. we need sa again
  9. GTA IV - You couldnt ride bikes - you cant dual wield guns
  10. ????? I just watned to see peoples reactions if i said i didnt. i do fap, just fapped right now
  11. yeah it was lol just wanted to see peoples reactions here i fap every chance i get
  12. I've never masterbated. What's it like? I have had boners, but never masturbated.
  13. Liberty city has been in 3 games, Vice City twice, San Andreas once. id like it to be san andreas again then london then vice city then lc again
  14. was playing MW2 and FIFA 09(aint getting 10)... last monday i started playing GTA IV again i completed it yesterday i dunno what to do now, ill proberly buy GTA EFLC soon
  15. I sure would. Completed GTA IV earlier today(lol). I want them to return as NPCS. Who else?
  16. I won't be able to vote too Thomas, but if i could it'd be Labour. My family are gonna vote labour this year.. Also, F the BNP.
  17. I can't edit my previous post, and i dont know why so i'll add on -Claude Never Speaks, and you dont know his name, I like games where you know your characters real name and what he sounds like. -No motorbikes - No swimming. - Got boring because theres nothing to do(no activities) - Aggresive gangs, i just hated it when i killed SAL every time i went to portland the leones would just try to whack me.
  18. What did you get Happy birthday WRX
  19. I have all the Splinter Cell's on XBOX. Chaos Theory was the best. ----------STORY-------- It was a good story dude.
  20. I haven't played this in ages, i'm prestige 1 37 or 38? i think. BFBC 2 will kick ass.
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