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  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH he was going to destroy that heli with a javelin but it came back for him EPIC FAIL! but a epic fail for me was going to have to be a 24 killstreak and you get disconnected
  2. Same here wrx she guessed im A+ i havent had a blood test when since i was4
  3. lol, i used to have a wii but anyway get these mario kart wii, New super mario bros wii, sonic unleashed(best sonic on wii)
  4. Same as SAMIL and WRX. on NDS. It's ok.. I keep crashing and sucking.
  5. Spain, never been there.. did you enjoy spain? nice avatar on the nissan gt-r matt I only thought ps3 dies from ylod are you ever gona get a ps3 again? i took care of my 360 and it still got rrod
  6. i never knew a barber shop in fevela was there holy shite im gna try it out whats your highest killstreak people mines 28 for some reason it shows up as 20 i guess it didnt save on TDM i got 28
  7. A+ Thats what my parents think im not 100% sure
  8. yeah i hope the mods move it soon that was a accident i havent touched a GH since GH2 holy crap i actually played sonic 1 on a emulator before mw2 so im not sure if that counts
  9. 2010 is finally here and the slate is wiped clean with "defining" music of this decade so.... Which decade defined your music tastes? Bands, genres, the lot I am asking for. This should be interesting since I am guessing that most of you will define "2000" as your decade for music whereas I define "1980" as mine (although I was only just born in that decade). Let's see how this goes anyhow. Rules: Don't under any circumstances belittle, berate or even attack other member's musical taste as we all have our likes and dislikes. Also, it'd be appreciated if you explain why that decade was special to you (even if you weren't born in that decade). Other then that, enjoy the topic. i meant to say 1990* damn no edit button
  10. Hey guys on the ps3 version is the global leaderboard messed up? at the top of the list the first 100 people on xbox is all hacked 70, 10th prestige, 0.00s played with 1818198189189 score for like for the first 110+
  11. @Ivan Most things shouldnt fuck up.. My bros NES + SNES + Megadrive(genesis) still work....
  12. If you go to the highest point in Afghan like the place themiddle where thhe two bases connect you can pwn evryone i took the whole team out in a row twice across the map
  13. sorry jezz torrent(top poster) but i disagree with the traffic and cops. that would be ridicolous. I just want Cops to be harder to kill, not few punches and kicks and theyre on the floor one cop ran away because i had a pistol WTFFECK I want it to be in SA. I want it to have airoplanes i want it to be long i want the city to be big i want good GTA4 graphcis but better a likeable player like niko bellic
  14. My Favourite GTA: GTA4 But My Favourite Game of All-time goes to... Sonic Adventure or Shenmue... Cant decide
  15. I dont see any votes and thats in 2 days James Cameron's Avatar. Released one week before 2010, but still. its awesome
  16. lol i have STD(title) i got it from some 8 year old though, i wonder if he knew what STD ment I've been using WA2000. its a good gun. got me 18 killstreak. WA2000(w/acog). UMP. is an awesome gun Sherman use it with nothing until you unlock silencer, then put silencer on it(it got me 20killstreak) its beast IN HC
  17. Happy new year to everyone in tgtap UK still have 3 hours and 55 mins to go
  18. You mean January 20? Thats the inaugration day. Mine are September 11th 2001 I was in Nursery(American: First Year of Kindergarden) and when i came home my parents were watching this on TV. I remember someone saying America is under attack on the TV that voice is stuck. I was like thats sad I'll think about anything else i cant think
  19. Now that 2010 is coming and it is the end of the 2000s decade and the start of a new one.. I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what gaming has left us in the past. what was the very first console you ever played/bought? What games also did you like with it? For me it was the Sega Dreamcast. Bro got it in 2000. Still remember me playing Sonic Adventure, Shenmue, and the first GTA i have ever played: GTA2 on dreamcast. It broke in 2002 or 2003:(
  20. Bugatti Veyron!!! that car is awesome
  21. I love derail. in HC S&D i always go up the stairs in that main building and take everyone out with my SCAR-H. The Xbox 360 leaderboards are full of hax, someone is 70 10th prestige with 0 seconds played and 8919817891879 score. its like for 90 of em when its 100th person it starts to get normal(but seriosly who would play the game for 30d?? already) What's better the VECTOR or the P90? i normally use p90 when i had it unlocked but since i prestiged i only have vector,mp5k,ump45 i never used vector before
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