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  1. haha its awesome! its pure genius lol it would be kickass if you sang it and your voice was high and it was on youtube
  2. i wish that bin laden was immortal and came to your house and bombed it I wish I was stronger. ^^ (I GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE/NOSE TODAY)
  3. cool cool nice trailer should have been 20 second longer
  4. it gets on mynerves. i always kill him if he gets rude and what are all his words once he said good ridance, dog lover good bye head dick
  5. well ive got 3, vc, lcs, vcs and iv btu ive never ever played sa shall i get it whats soo good about it that iv doesnt have its just convincing my bro i want it
  6. all the missions sound awesome i like the new hud description
  7. Luis is not gay. You can see him in the tralier with a girl kissing
  8. interesting read looks and sounds awesome "The game starts with an interesting revelation that I'll leave out for now, cause it's quite a good little sort of start in terms of the story cross-over stuff, i wanna know what that is
  9. was this the one i got at 18:00 uk time or was there another one i never knew tehre where cheat exploits
  10. They've stopped making old PS3s(Fat PS3'S) soon theyll be only PS3 slims left. if i had a ps3 id be so happy lol but halo reach, halo 3 odst, and ballad of gay tony is why ive got a xbox my bro will never buy a ps cos he hates ps lol
  11. Source: http://cnnwire.blogs.cnn.com/2009/09/04/japans-new-first-lady-says-she-can-eat-the-sun/ I'd wanna see a Japanese Katie Holmes.
  12. wtf ginggoy all your posts are irrelevant yea you can play with other play xbconnect etc
  13. its good controls are wierd need to get adjusted and the drug dealing is awesome
  14. ^^ bumper but your new id like to see airoplanes in the next GTA if the city is bigger
  15. looks ok good booklet and it looks good but ill stay with snoy vaio
  16. nice bump you aint mena bump no one knows who toni killed
  17. I'm Hindu, from england i celebrate chrismas not realy religious though
  18. Yep what steam + eazy said. when i click a flag it returns me to the forums
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