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  1. that film came out around spring didnt it? saw it on watchxonline pretty good
  2. shouldnt have said i didnt use it, it signs me in automaticly when i start windows up so my family can talk with me and The OP asked for it thats why i told you lot it.
  3. yeah i have it my bro + friends family use it to get in contact and stuff. its bulletproofboy dont use it anymore though you can add it
  4. what you people going to do when all of you meetup?
  5. It sucks being on TGTAP without these privelleges(?<Spelling>) meh i wish i never posted dick in nearly of all my posts for that day
  6. i didnt say the 360 is somuch better. im sayin ps3 has better hardware, but psn isnt as good as xbl. i want the ps3 coz of its exclusives, bluray, and more of my friends have ps3... so i could play wit em. thats why.
  7. Yep. its called Sonic: Project Needlemouse(working title)Coming out next year. in 2011, itll be sonics 20th anniversary, i so hope they make a good 3d sonic, not garbage. Sonic Adventure was the best sonic game of all time, well best 3D sonic game. it was more fun than the genesis/mega drive sonics.
  8. yep i was added to restricted for having ''well that sucks dick'' ''fuck'' etc in most of my recent posts(like 3 or 4 of em)
  9. what did we do to be restricted

    it sucks now i cant change SHIT on my profile

  10. why are we restricted?

    have we been bad boys or somethinh?

  11. If you have never played this, and you are a sonic fan.. this was the best sonic game ever. but it was on the dreamcast. anyone also remember the Dreamcast? what did you think of sonic adventure. the series has gone down the hill now... seriously what was the point of being a wearhog in unleashed..
  12. is enjoying the Christmas Holidays..

  13. congrats mplik congrats mplik
  14. My parents are from Bangladesh(before it was India) My dad was born in chittagong, bangladesh(before it was india but it turned into bangladesh in 1971 after paki vs beng war)(bengs won) my mom/mum was born in sylhet, bangladesh(india at time) however my grandparents were born in a place in india and its still india.. some village i dunno(mum and dads side) i was born in england same with my brother my mum came to england in 1969 and is still living here(she came when she was 8 or 9) my dad came to england in 1976 and is still still living here(he came when he was 26) all my previous ancestors were born in india.
  15. yep wii is in most peoples home coz its a family ting the least ive seen is a xbox.. i have a xbox wii is cool but its BUTTERs compared to THE PS360
  16. XBL pwns PSN in every single way apart from free online play. PSN rapes XBL in that way. PS3>360. No questions asked. but xbox is cool coz of halo and gears of war only
  17. this game is a retarded baby of IW i used to like it..but cod4 seems alot better but ill be playing this piece of shit until BFBC2 fucking glitches everywhere
  18. lol awesome video cant wait gonna have to get this for xmas
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