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  1. UMP.45 is just perfect with silencer. just silencer. and Matt, my top score was 29.6 seconds, i just remembered i had the pit boss achievement from day 1 of release. my friends score is 20 seconds but is that possible thats what he told me AK47 is awesome too, not as good as cod4
  2. dont see you around here anymore

  3. Infinity Ward's ending for MW2 was like what Bungie did with Halo 2, a massive cliffhanger. Matt, my best score on the pit in campaign was 33.4 seconds, and in Spec Ops 31.9 seconds.(3 stars) Peoplee, How many stars do you have in specops I have 11, aint going to get 90 ever, im a multiplayer type of person and most of my friends are too. SpecOps by myself is boring.
  4. The eye can get fucked up(dont know its like a eye the thing that reads the disc) i touched it once or twice when i was 5 i was like this is the coolest button evar and i pressed it and when it loaded sonic adventure it would go back to the beginning or crash
  5. What weapons did you use? Lol @ suckmydick (guy on other team) What are your Kill death ratios people
  6. When did you move to the netherlandz

  7. yeah i would love a portable TGTAP
  8. I have a hotmail and i use that for msn but all my hotmail emails are forwarded to gmail because hotmail sucks.
  9. lol ^^ Yep, 2000, year ps2 came out, so many consoles PS2,GAMECUBE,XBOX,DREAMCAST, GAMEBOY COLOR,gameboy advance,gameboy advance sp, gameboy micro Nintendo ds, ds lite, dsi psp, psp slim & lite, psp 3000, psp go xbox 360, ps3,wii. Game of the Decade.. Thats a tough one. either Halo, or GTAIII. cant think/decide
  10. Your awesome at MW2 Matt Whats better Javelin or the Stinger? I just prestiged so i cant em but wondering Havent tried Akimbo
  11. Where's HALO CE? GTA 3 was ok, i was 6 when i got it and i was like yay much better than GTA2 on dreamcast finally more realistic, i stopped as soon as you know what happens to Old Sal. I put Vice City on after that, and was like wowzers so much better you can ride bikes yay!!! never had SA gta 3 inspired othr stuff tho
  12. I wonder if the slim has this problem.. Yep its the YLOD here to get it replaced it costs £128, not sure there.
  13. I would want... London. Tokyo could be fun xD
  14. Can Restricted people edit posts? No edit button. That should be fixed Does anyone hear the terrorists(Opfor i think) say stuff like 10 inch stroina, bambi!, Tango Suckaaa, uner belizad
  15. MW(COD4)'s AK is much better than MW2s, same with M16 and M4. I wish the Dragonov was in this I just prestiged, I'm 1st Prestige Rank 11. M4/SCAR-H is getting me up fast
  16. MP5K is beast. Rank 69 now, 70 soon. HC Richoet s&d ranks you up fast. I normally use ump45 and acr all the time now
  17. i red hes from europe serbian and yugoslavian
  18. There party is full of complete SCUM. Meh, my parents vote labour anyway.(This is for England) Basicly BNP is a party which want to stop immigration for good and deport all criminals who are foreign back to there countries. there party is racist few years back one of the members of BNP called black people monkeys also said that when black people grow up, they will have less iq than white people. Nick griffin also said that islam a wicked vicious faith and took the piss out of allah(not my religon)
  19. Why would you say something sucks when you have not played it?
  20. Chill dude. You didn't have to get angry.
  21. This was a great film. The video effects were good. Same here Mplik, as I'm very big on my 'end of the world' type films. I'll be laughing in 2013 Same with me MPLIK, as I'm very big on my 'end of the world' type films. This was a good film. yeh the divorced parents and children parts weren't good.
  22. shes a bad parent she sucks calling 911 coz he wouldnt stop playing GTA she fails
  23. most of it i wrote it in my own words the title screen was the VMU(visual memory unit) you plugged it in the controller and that controller would have your saved games on it. the screen was the sign on the memory unit telling you whats happening etc it also had a dpad and two or four small circle buttons(<(?)) not sure how many
  24. Anyone remember the Sega Dreamcast? These are the release dates: JAPAN November 27, 1998 North America September 9, 1999 Europe October 14, 1999 Australia October 14, 1999 UK December 3, 1999 It was Sega's(creator of Sonic the hedgehog and other brilliant games) last video game system. It was short-lived, in 2001 Sega announced that they would stop production of the dreamcast. NBA 2K2 was the last game released for the Dreamcast. With the company announcing no plans to develop a next-generation successor to Dreamcast, this was Sega's last foray into the home console business. According to Bernie Stolar, former President and CEO of Sega of America, the Dreamcast was canceled because the new chairman of Sega wanted the company to focus on software.[4] Despite its short lifespan, the Dreamcast was widely hailed as ahead of its time, and is still held in high regard for pioneering online console gaming—it was the first console to include a built-in modem and Internet support for online play.[5][6] As of 2009, the console is still supported through various homebrew video game releases. Here are couple of pictures It came shipped with a DreamKey, you could use it with seganet to go online with a web browser. The Dreamcast also had a black 56k modem. In PAL/EU/Australia Regions the Dreamcast logo was blue and booting up logo was also blue. In all other regions(NA etc) the Dreamcast logo was orange and booting up logo was also orange. The Dreamcast can also read data from a Visual Memory Unit ("VMU") removable storage device and 4x memory cards that hold four times as much data. Input devices such as game controllers are connected to four USB-like "Maple Bus" ports. The VMU's would go in the controller, it also had a dpad and you could have a VMU for each controller. The online servers were run by SegaNet, Dreamarena, and GameSpy networks. There were 688 games for the Sega Dreamcast in total. Some favourites of mine: Sonic Adventure(the best sonic ever), Quake III arena(awesome, my bro beat me though at it, i was like 2 when i first had it, 5 when last played). Shenmue I and Shenmue II,(excellent game) and Chu Chu Rocket. I have yet to play sonic adventure 2 even though it is one of the dreamcast's best games.
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