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  1. Overhead view was good.. I wish they still had that as a optional view... lol.
  2. coffin dealer that is not your real deathdate none of these are... but all of these are very close because my grand dad died in sept 2005.. when i done his info it said he would die july 2005. when my otherr grand dad died in 1992, i done his info and it said he would die 1993.
  3. http://www.toilette-humor.com/computers/co...r_software.html
  4. Michael Hollick only got $100k.. he should have got much more
  5. Lol You don't get asthma from just taking drugs, lol.. You never know Pete might of got it from a cold or something like my brother and dad has/ and friends.
  6. Hey all My bro got me the game today for my 11th bday but I suck at Driving everytime I try to brake it slides and I kill pedestrains and police are near and I get wanted level.. so annoying... Any tips?
  7. Thanks Everyone. Its my 11th.
  8. I heard Lazlo in III and VC. Never in VCS though. So if he was 21ish in VC he would be 44ish.
  9. Been known for 5 and a half years lol Candy Sucks
  10. Dmitri looks like Alan Cumming(The Guy who did Boris Grishenko) a computer programmer at Severnaya secretly affiliated to Janus in James Bond film Goldeneye lol.
  11. I'm skinny lol. I tried everyone in my family, every one dies in there 90's. My first result was me dieing 2088 but it changed to 2095 in like 6 months
  12. Did you get any birthday punches/beats lol Me getting mine tomorrow
  13. Yes thats true I get one birthday present but I get different 360 games during the year e.g Jan Mar May(bday) Jul Sept Oct DEC(Christmas)
  14. Avatar: 4/10 - Avatar is kinda plain and boring Sig: 8/10 - I like that sig, Lol A locust betraying another locust. Person: Friendly nice - I haven't seen you post much but on the posts I have seen from you seem nice and friendly.
  15. Not too good, not too bad. balanced.
  16. wtf your only 2 days older than me and theres a fucking 24 years difference you will be 73 and and 9 months
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