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  1. Microsoft payed $50 million for the DLC to Xbox 360. I don't think this DLC will come to PC/PS3, but a diff DLC Episode will come I read this playstation magazine and it said so. I like the new DLC
  2. it will start to kick vBulletin's ass. LOOKS FABOLOUS
  3. I like it I like the Mini blades and the new xbox guide
  4. CHRIS That was me who invited you IM kings 0f zeal
  5. In GTA 3,GTA VC LCS, VCS , SA etc Taxi's come to pick you up sometimes iv you can call anytime u want good news cant wait till cheats and my ds mic aint good , ill haveto scream i wish this was on psp, psp > ds lol my psp dont have built in mic tho << offtopic
  6. lol sick parody best one so far i like 360 ova ps3 lol
  7. in 2001 he was a fat lazy sh*t. in 2008 he might be a obese guy who cant operate a gun. Instead of cipriani you could do claude when you say avery do u mean the avery introduced in vice city 1986 he dies in lcs 1998. like the story
  8. i Prefer tupacs version beats improved and sounds better
  9. in 20 minutes i am already done many missions, i also done the mission where you have to drive a car but vincenzo sets you up and u crush his car,im on the mission after that. WARNING DONT LOOK SPOILERS i wanna mess around anything fun to do? tips or tricks or anything fun
  10. aint had any problems wiv x360 since launch. ps3 is ok wii is f@ck!ng $h!t ^^ I'm not being fanboy off 360 and PS i do like the wii. but for for me i dont know why but i got bored off it after a week i luved it from the start tho
  11. HappyBirthday DEJI Happpy birthday !!!
  12. An early christmas present... haha how many delays so far
  13. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=e1ime0rMgDU That's the messed up version it's about drugs killing and sex. i want the name of that version please and the good unmessed up version name which does not have drugs killing and sex.
  14. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=7s3KKFhuycY it was gonna be novy, but they removed him and they put claude in. he looks like a good person i wish we could play as him in futur
  15. Vice city stories isnt thatbad you should say liberty city stories(yuk) 994 Saying that liberty city stories is crap(yuk)
  16. 300 posts nearly, since may if i didnt leave round june i would have had 1000 posts lolz
  17. even though i aint playd it i seen sum vids of it ill think of a question from the videos erm What do you have to do in Mission Big SMOKE
  18. I've never played GTA San Andreas I've got GTA 2, 3, VICE CITY, and IV. all on xbox(GTA 2 on Dreamcast). Is GTA San Andreas good 4 years late but shall i get it and all my friends say san andreas is better than iv whats so good tell me bout it
  19. I was, eating brekfast and watching the speach. haha future kids will say where was I during america first black president? I was a spermie
  20. i used to use hotmail.co.uk (my email ) all the time until it got so many junk emails and some one from my class gave my email a sign up at ''UKGAYLIFE'' and emails saying curiouspointdexter, you ordered a vibrator for 6 99). around last year i used my gmail account(@gmail.com) and made it my windows live id and use googlemail to check my email what is better? Hotmail or gmail hotmail is getting storage like gmail(like it goes up and up) and hotmail looks better hotmail orgmail
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