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  1. the psp can hold it, but the thing is San andreas is 2.9 gb of data when the umd can only hold up 1.8 gb of data they should get rid of the extra cars and a little bit of san andreas make it lite for psp I'd want it set in 1991.
  2. I prefered LCS/VCS's health system, not sure bout IV but i didnt like it as much GTA SA life bar was just too long
  3. Remember in GTA 3 and VC, it wasnt a life bar or a bar around the radar, it was just a heart with a number with 100, if the number decreases the worse your healths gets. Do you miss that system of health? do u think rockstar will ever bring it back? do u miss it
  4. Holy diver? What was Jerry's last words
  5. What's the first word you hear you hear from Tommy from Mission 12
  6. I dont know what good specs are or not lol but im sure you guys will know heres my laptop CPU/Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-core Processor T2370, Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology, Quadcore Inside, 1.73 Ghz. Space left: 118gb Ram(Memory): 3 gigabytes(3 gb) HDD/ 200gb OS/ WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM SERVICE PACK 1 32-bit GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT CPU 256mb I'm planning on playing at: 1440x900
  7. Since May. Any news since i strangely ''DISAPPEARED''
  8. This is truely epic. I watched Germany Match and the other holland match.
  9. I'm stuck with my 360 Hey Guys can you think of reasons to get a ps3 rather than a 360 coz I'm thinking about one but my brother says no.
  10. IMO killing cops was the most fun in VCS AND SA. IV is still fun though.
  11. for not showing up at the funeral. lmao sweet was a ass
  12. I was busy up with school and other crap like thta. good thing now is IM ACTIVE again..
  13. type in ravi chowdhury if you are in the london network(my picture is a bugatti veyron) or add me from this page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1302815073 or tell me your facebook account and ill add u
  14. banned for using slangificent language
  15. banned for following me around lol jkin
  16. What do you people use? The Options are HI5 Facebook Myspace bebo friendsreunited linkedln other lol i dont know how to use a poll with IPB. I use Facebook. Much better than the others for me
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