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  1. No way CJ and Niko could team up. CJ is like 30 in 1992, so he would be 46 in 2008 where Niko is 30... CJ is too old
  2. Mafia Theme is better than Gangster Theme. I do miss spray cans though. lol Tommy was better than CJ if it was Tommy he would have killed Tenpenny and Pulaski right at the beginning
  3. So, SOME DUDE over at the GTA Forums noticed that the Rockstar Social Club site have the above image. It depicts a plane ticket for a "Mr Niko Bellic", bound for "San Andreas" from "Liberty City." Let the speculation begin! Source - http://kotaku.com/388835/niko-bellic-going-to-san-andreas
  4. Granted, but then the database is shut down 1 day later. I wish Rockstar would give us info about the next GTA.
  5. two classes in my school were closed out of 13
  6. Juan Cortez daughter, Candy Suxxxx, loads of women offer to have *** with him but he says no. Tommy, is he gay or not?
  7. Deji I'm fixing what you said above. Catalina shoots Claude in the voicebox so he could speaks whenever he wants, well it is not know where he was shot. Maria says I've met a man, who does not speak very much. Yes Deji your right its a mystery.
  8. Mafia Sentinel Its funny it was renamed to Sentinel XS in Vice City.
  9. I took it again more truthfully, and I got 35% Ravi Chowdhury, your too straight mate, women want some softer edges to grab on to.
  10. PC version for GTA IV will be out about late 2008.
  11. I wish I had GTA IV.. I cannot cope with GTA III shit and GTA VC.
  12. Wish Granted but then you get a really bad illness then you eventually die. I wish I would never die and I was invincible with no possible weakpoints.
  13. Niko bellic master chief tommy vercetti
  14. LOL Spider Vice you are 1337, you are l33t, leet, lol. Finally, MY 100TH POST, in 6 days (less than a week by 1 days) i feel like a spammer but i aint. lol
  15. LOL GTA IV would stay top on the list until Septemberish, because everyone is hyped at the DLC.
  16. Kenji Kasen look again LOL that's the bald japanese guy you kill in GTA 3
  17. My Japanese name is Ryuichi Chinokuri. EDIT:This shit is phony. I type in same information. Everytime it changes.
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