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  1. i killed my 11 yr old friend i earned rockstar developer achievement how the hell can my 11 yr old friend be a rockstar developer
  2. good preview. im looking forward to the editor lol via nikos phone i wish that was in the console version
  3. heh, It's unlucky it's started from us, we have to do school until we're 18. btw offtopic but what did you guys get for your year 6 sats i got level 4's lol(Math, science), but level 5 in english i do gcses in 4 yrs/5 yrs
  4. they've made it that you have to do sixth form year 12 n 13 n a levels now im in yr 7 lol i miss yr 6 easy life lol
  5. Chris82 My cousin has another pc its a Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX 1 gig o memory for video card/graphics, processor quadcore 3.8 ghz, memory /ram 8 gig
  6. what's the difference between Nvidia Geforce 8400 GT(mines 8400) with 8500 GT? my cousins is 9800GX2 will it run on that 512mb or 1 gig not sure i will play round his house
  7. Year 11? Why didn't you do sixth form? YEAR 12 & 13 is a levels harder or easer
  8. yeah i meant 4.. 3 was okay, I dont know why i liked it better than 2. But nothing will ever be as horrible as, CoD; Big red one that one sucked.. with finest hour
  9. an enhanced cod 3 it is cod waw ... is like a cod 4.5
  10. I still play it Episodic Content will be out soon, i hope
  11. all the post's got knocked Idk ill start again What was the mission objective in mission ''Loose ends''
  12. Happy birthday DON. i like birthdays
  13. TM I had that when i was 8 everytime i went to the internet some rap music came on when i logged off it didnt let me it didnt let me do anything, it was RTM(no service pac)
  14. Bulletproofboy

    New Idea

    I agree with Deji. If you wanna play your own character play SR2. Imagine your in a mafia gang and your this Indian Guy with hippie clothes imagine your in ghetto setin and your a chinese/japan i like rockstars characters they make of gta
  15. idk when i was 7 there like so many viruses
  16. I played it 2 years ago, briefly, forgot what it was like lol I only have GTA 2(aint played since 2003) GTA 3(played today) GTA Vice city(played today) and GTA Advance(2004 last played) , gta iv l I want a really good GTA Game for psp. so the question is LCS vs VCS whats beter
  17. hahahahah funnny should do a version of GTA Iv
  18. claude in gta 2 n 3 might be diff, because in 1999 wasnt he still in liberty city? 1999 is when gta 2 takes place?
  19. My list goes like this 1. San andreas 2. Vice city stories 3. vice city 4. GTA LCS 5. GTA 3 idk i didnt like gta 3 but thaas my opinion
  20. SAN ANNNNNDREAS. WORST IS THE gta 3. well it was better than lcs, but lcs had better rendition of lc and more stuff to do#
  21. Hahah I was only 2 when this came out. i remember this advert on tv saying GEE TEE AYYY TWOO'' at toys R US not suitbale for children, 18+ on ps1 dremkast
  22. Asian(etc bangladesh/india) idk no decided respect london 2012, when the olympics are set. Gang banger Character customization normal time itd be awesome in 2012 set in london and bursting in the olympic arena and killing everyone
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