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  1. IV was the best dude lol I killed 74, since my old xbox broke down so I have a xbox 360. On My Old Xbox I had 452 peds killed, and on my older one I had 1676
  2. I play GTA IV and I find it fine. My 10 year old brother was begging me to let him play GTA IV, so I let him, and he drived perfectly with no issues. I cannot believe you GUYS.
  3. The Actual Game: San Andreas is a much better game than Vice City. The Actual City: Vice City may be a worse game than San Andreas, but Vice City is a much better city and setting.
  4. GTA 5 will come out anywhere from 2010 - 2012 The GTA 4 series needs to be developed like, Vice city, san andreas, lcs and vcs were in the gta 3 series. GTA 5 SHOULD BE IN LONDON!
  5. He had a gay haircut, and is not wearing his gay glasses.
  6. I never thought of Lance Vance's name this way. Lance Vance Dance, some guy figured it out. In the opening scene in Saint Marks Bistro, i never thought that hidden man was Cukan, aka PIMP ball 8 balls father.
  7. Favourite Car: Cheetah and Sentinel XS and Infernus. Favourite Motorbikes: PCJ-600 and Freeway, Sancheg(Sanchez in LCS AND VCS) caused too many accidents due its crazy speed. Faggio was so shit and lame. Favourite Helicopter: The Hunter Gotta love' the choppers.
  8. Vercetti Gang with Vercetti Estate > Grove Street Families with Johnson House. Tommy Vercetti has more respect, he has a bloody gang and a bloody ESTATE. CJ has loads of gangs that hates him and a bloody gay little hoouse lol. Cj was cool but not as good and cool as Tommy.
  9. I would never do something as stupid as that (warez as you call it) I already have all of the gtas anyway. So can i report that guy who has san andreas for free ?
  10. its okay it gets boring its good for a gba game
  11. its not for game boy color its for advance]
  12. I have it but it gets boring. I beat it. It's top down birds eye view like gta 1 and 2
  13. Shit. I never knew that. I know this guy who got San Andreas free without paying
  14. My friend really wants to play GTA 3,VICE CITY, SAN ANDREAS etc for PC(just one of those games) for pc but he cant find it in shops anywhere and he doesnt want to buy it from the internet. He only has GTA 1 AND GTA 2, which he is tired with. Any one have a link to download GTA GAMES?
  15. 1st: Tommy 2: Tony 3: Victor 4: CJ 5: Claude I like all though. WHERES NIKO. Niko kicks tommy
  16. He is 8 ball's pimp father, Pimp Ball.
  17. Claude would win against Toni if Toni was in his fat version like GTA III. Claude would lose against Toni if Toni was in his slim version like GTA: LCS.
  18. I would want to play as Ryder, 5 yrs before San Andreas Events.
  19. my friend told me in school as soon as he played GTA 3, he started a fight with a old lady and the old lady won the fight and mugged and wasted him.
  20. I'd like to see Vice City a tad bit later, cmon the game before GTA IV was set in Vice City, its too early. About, GTA 6 i suppose? I want it like this. GTA 5, set in London 2009/2010. GTA 6, set in Vice City 2010/2011. GTA 7, set in San Andreas 2012/2013. 3D London would be so sick and amazing. I hope Rockstar do London.
  21. holy shita shit shit. I'm waiting for a Niko Bellic visits VICE CITY. Whos with me?
  22. He only bought the game so he could kill someone in real life then blame the game(GTA IV) for it. Lolz he bought the game for information gathering purposes, he wants to see the content. I just hope he doesnt go in the STRIP CLUB. then he'll surely change it to AO. lulz ensure.
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