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  1. The South Pole. If you think of it.. Santa Claus would drive by with a polar bear and kill you. LOL Er. Iraq. My Friends Big Brothers friend's leg got cut off by a iraq bad guy
  2. In GTA 3 Misty was the only girl on the cover. In GTA Vice City there was this girl who does not exist in the game(wearing a pink bra with a martini glass in her hand) and IN GTA SAN Andreas there was the lady with glasses with her tounge sticking out and then GTA IV with Lola with a lollypop
  3. fixing multiplayer issues and freezin
  4. Niko's eyes are different and Niko don't have a mustache
  5. GTA 1 - None GTA LONDON - None GTA 2 - Loonies/Mad Scientists Gang. GTA 3 - Leones GTA VC - Vercetti Gang GTA Advance - South Side Hoods GTA San Andreas - Grove Street Families GTA Liberty City Stories - Leones, once again. GTA Vice City Stories - Vance Crime Family GTA IV - Gambetti Crime Famliy(will change) Overall Leones would have to be the best, have to see more of the Gambetti's in GTA IV though or the other gangs.
  6. no nitrious that sucks well atleast its relistic
  7. banshee was quite good i cant believe R* Games got rid of the diablo car before gta vc was released
  8. It's Hare Krishna from GTA 2. Can u use nitrous like SA?
  9. I just hope if you play in London the guy play as does not sound like KENT PAUL.
  10. Wow I thought I was the only one in the world like that. I remember my mum saying Im abnormal and shit. but i finally found out your like me we are twins!
  11. LC was good. VCS improved it. SAS will be 2nd to IV
  12. In my opinion I like Vbulletin the best but that's just me. But i think IPB's pretty cool
  13. It means what you said, and parts the GTA websites' section of ma life.
  14. fucking hell so sad thats why me and my bro get games from TEH INTERNET
  15. i changed to my haircut style like when i was 10 - 11 ish I have a fringe lol
  16. I infact, Only Have GTA 1,2,3 and Vice City. I played Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, IV. Shall I get San Andreas or IV. I know its embarrasing a little to late but I needa know IV or GTA sa
  17. I agree with U on everything but best pratonagist was NIKO
  18. the one on tgtaplace is version 2.3.4
  19. same here I have a bit to expand on the shorside vale part
  20. asuka has a wierd orientation, if u know what I mean
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