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  1. No way the whole of San ANDREAS could fit in a UMD.
  2. Thanks(Chris the Admin) not to be confused with chris82. I forgot that.. I hate deal ending
  3. Vlad - Get me A CUP OF COFEE Niko - What? Vlad - Cmon Ill get U one i found that funny
  4. Did u complete it in revenge or deal storyline? I beat it on BOTH.
  5. i didnt say shut up but i did say soemthing similar to that lol
  6. yeah its from gta iv. i want the niko visit vice city.
  7. it tempts me to use the infinite ammo cheat but it will disable one of my xbox live achievements..
  8. hi not you haha,

    do u have xbox live so we can play?

  9. make another topic and stay ONTOPIC please. Hey all, I am new to the forums, and i declare i will be here everyday of my life from now on..
  10. that sucks man You should get a psp and play gta lcs and vcs if your bored while ur xbox has shitted
  11. Vice City was fun, I liked the golf mission lol san andreas was so good
  12. Also makes me wonder why there is a police outfit in tommys room.
  13. Tommy would kick Claude's ass. if they met.
  14. Fido, lol CLAUDE was the best. I didn't like Toni in GTA III but I liked him in Liberty City Stories.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs4rlvzEizM Seriously, there's an old ass Beta GTA III Trailer where presumably Claude says "Get out of the Car!" As he jacks somebody.
  16. No one knows if the claude from gta 3 and gta 2 are the same. I hate Darkel. Killing Children would have made jack thompson ANGRY.
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