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  1. lol that was funny when i clicked the link
  2. mine is the turismo..scissor doors :]
  3. why is his letter "B" still on my map once i finish his missions?? i went to it and i cant interact with him anymore and he doesnt pick up his phone
  4. cant but it would be tight as hell
  5. a bit too easy..but then again i used cheats :]
  6. i agree. i always jump out the annihilator by accident and plummet to my death
  7. the atm thing is kind of pointless dont you think? unless you DESPERATLY need the money...because in this game i found that you have a ton of excess money that you really cant use..u cant buy houses or businesses anymore like in vice city and san andreas as everyone knows. i had like 600,000$ or so at the end of the game and used probably like 20,000 tops throughout the course of the whole single player. you can get 20,000 after completing a few missions.
  8. i heard something about katt williams doing a stand up on gta4.. im not sure if it was in the cabaret club though
  9. how do you find the cars he wants you to get to him? they arent marked on the map. kinda hard to find then huh?
  10. hasnt happened to me..packie jus called me saying crying about her
  11. wow i never realized that..u make an excellent point
  12. the infernus and the bus...def the bus if you wanna have some fun plowing through ppl untouched
  13. hey guys jus joined. great site
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