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  1. I was the kid that always used to practice on his hand. My first kiss was when I was experimenting in 1st grade with a girl named...last name Donahue, first name- dont remember. Might've been Haley. First meaningful kiss- 7th grade, Ashley Langly. Was my girlfriend for 7 months, then we had a classic fight over how my room was dirty and she hated visiting my house, so we broke. it.
  2. The worst game I've ever played would have to be Tonka Truck Mania on the SNES.
  3. My desk is massive. I suck ass with analog, but give me a mouse, and it's headshot time. You can plug a mouse and keyboard into an Xbox 360, aye?
  4. Not much public transport in Middle Arkansas Occasionally, you'll see a yellowcab.
  5. *prays for a PC version* I also hope that the COD4 people are right and this game will be about like COD4, requirement wise. I play COD4 with no probs. I watch videos about it on youtube all the time. I dont mind being spoiled.
  6. Having a social life is overrated
  7. Photobucket I get an album, it's fast, and easy. and I can make it private everything I do in photoshop, photos of myself. They keep adding all these "updates" and fucking it up. maybe if you payed me.
  8. Leave heaters off and let your room get ice cold, because Mosies hate cold. Buy a mattress pad. I have one I use in the winter. Toasty.
  9. Granted, but you'd eventually get "comedian's block" I wish I was King Leonidas.
  10. People are still complaining about this? I wonder how Jacky feels with half the nation fucking hating him.
  11. Granted, but people would find that VCMP has gotten bad and would stop playing. I wish I had a smaller keyboard.
  12. I am afraid of the dark. Or not so much the dark, but the unexpected. Also my house has tons of mirrors in it; it's scary to walk around at night. I wear hats every time I leave the house.
  13. I like the Track Suit, because I feel like an assassin, since assassin's wear track suits in a lot of movies. I also like the cop uniform, because it's the easier way to steal the helicopter from the army base.
  14. I wonder if you actually are launched up there or the game teleports you there because it's glitching. That used to happen in VC, if you started glitching, the game would teleport you to the nearest street.
  15. Sure, I loved Vice City and Liberty City. I also liked LCS and VCS. I dont know if I would like an SA sequel. SA was a disappointment for me.
  16. Gotta agree on the wannabe gangster kids. You'll run into them on just about any online game you find. Their parents need to take their microphone away, heh.
  17. Hah, cool. I've seen some of this guys stuff before, he's a photoshop master.
  18. Heh, owned. I was personally offended when the SR2 video made everything sound bad about GTA4, ever though GTA4 blows it out of the water.
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