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  1. Acctully it was free (sort of - we pay 5.99 monthly for cover) OK, I checked in the case ealier and being 13, I decided that the best thing to do would be to pull wires at random and see what happens . Anyway, I found that if I unclip the wire (It's 4 wires, 2 yellow and 2 black, all bunched together) by the fan, the computer doesn't cut out - I haven't tested it with the moniter though . I plugged it back in though because I wasn't sure what it was for. I think somthing must be short circuiting in my computer (because my laptop is coming off of the same power and it's running fine, touch-wood.) It might just be a case of my computer is broken, and "coincidently" might be dropped down the stairs for insurance money to buy a better PC. *But for now I'll just go for a bath while IMing my friends. Got to bring an extention cord with me though because my laptops nearly out of power . Horray for stupid teenage girls who electrcute themselves by accident in the bath!
  2. I'm using my bro's computer to write this.. A few days ago (last Friday I think) my computer randomly crashed while I was doing somthing on the command prompt (I was changing the directory to do somthing), and my computer just froze up. In the end I had to turn the computer off at the switch. I turned it back on again, but the same thing happened while I was on some forums, only this time, the computer wouldn't switch back on afterwards - It would run for about 7 seconds (without the light coming on), and then just cut out. I had to get a techinial support guy round, and he ended up replacing the driver at the back of the PC (I don't know what it's called sorry), and the motherboard. After that my computer started to work again. I later ran a virus scan, but AVG detected no viruses, so I figured that it must have just been something else, and that it wouldn't happen again. But then suddenly, only TWO DAYS after the Tech-Support guy came, my computer did the exact same thing, and now I can't get it to start. Now obviouslly, if I have to get my PC's components replaced twice a week, that'll be quite ridicullous, so I need to know whats happening quickly. ---Other Info--- I have just changed rooms, and my PC never did this in my old room. I sometimes here crackeling in the wires below my PC, but I've checked it out, and can't see any sparks - or determain which lead is doing it. I have a phone right next to my PC now My computers speakers are also quite new, and I sometimes have to rearange the places that my extension leads are to make the speakers powerlead reach. My AVG is quite old, and might not be able to detect a newlly created virus (if there is one.) The tech support guy said he wasn't too sure what had happened, but he removed all my USB leads and things, telling me they might have shorted out and caused it (but I plugged them back in and things ran smoothly for 2 days.) The only programs I have run are the internet, Civ IV, Oblivion, and SA:MP. My computer is about 1 year old So what do you think is wrong with my computer - has it got a virus, is somthing short circuting and causing my PC to break, is it a program I'm running or is my PC just knackered and need replacing? Or is it somthing else? Please give a reply.
  3. Some car mods make your game lag when there is more of 1 of the modded car on your screen. What exactlly can effect this? If you have a better Video Card of a more powerfull procesor can you lower the amount of lag?
  4. Whenever I install a siren mod using Alci's SAAT GUI Frontend, the siren I install works fine, but it seems to corrupt some other audio files - I hear a wierd humming noises instead of the cars brakes, reversing, and the engine of a helicopter. Anyone know how to fix that?
  5. Are you dodging the boxes as well?
  6. I have a glitch / bug. In the mission "Grey Exports", when I go into the warehouse, as soon as the door closes completely behind me, the screen goes completely blue and I can't see anything accept the HUD and the aiming crosshair.
  7. Awsome, thanks for the help! It's working now - So far I've played the first 2 missions and they're great :clapping: . I'll install another mod and see if it still runs with them on.
  8. Yep, theres at least 2. No questions posted though, so: Q - In the mission Dam And Blast, how many generaters are in the Sherman Hydro-Electricity Plant / Dam
  9. OK, I'll try that, because it probably is the audio files because the mission starts, but it crashes as soon as it begins to pan down to the charecters. EDIT: GROAN! You've got to do EVERY sound file 1 by 1, so I'll wait for someone to tell me how I can do it all at once, because I can't be assed to replace 500 sound files.
  10. OK, I reigned myself to re-installing the whole game, but I still can't get it to load the first mission. if anyone else has problams like mine could they let me know on here so I know whether it's just me.
  11. Not necessarly. If a murder dies, it isn't justice - it's the easy way out.
  12. I can get the game to start, but when I try to start the first mission, the game crashes. So just to make sure I'm doing everything right, I've replaced all of the thigs which need to be replaced in the GTA folder, but what are you supposed to do with the install.exe file that comes wwith the mod?
  13. That is sadly just two SA buildings crudely put on top of each other a few times. I just want this particular german one without the scm edit. Oh Right. I posted that link because it was from TGTAG and that's where I got the WTC mod that looked good, so I assumed that was it.
  14. Woo ! I'll download it now, but as it's 57MB it'll probably take a while.
  15. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=1351 That puts the towers in the North of LS instead. I don't think you have to do a main script edit because I think I used to have this mod, but sorry if you do.
  16. Yeah you might as well. It's probably just a guy getting rid of all his games. And even if it's not in good condition, for 3 bucks it's not really that much of a problam.
  17. You just need to date thm enough to get a certain percent of how much they like you (it's different for every girl). If you mean you want to acctully have sex with them though you need the Hot Coffee mod.
  18. You never see LB, but he seems to be Ryders Assistant / Informant in the missions Home Invasion, Catalyst and Robbing Uncle Sam. Where do you first meet Catalina?
  19. There are 15 stores throughout the city you can rob, just walk in and aim your handgun at the cashier until money shows up either on the counter, or directly in your account. Just don't ask me which they are because I can't remember
  20. ...Still waiting on someone creating a "Post Blueprints of your house so we can take you and family hostage" thread.
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