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  1. I think I have around 100 games for PC. I know I have a list somewhere (in Excel) but it hasn't been updated lately and I can't find it O.o. I play pretty much everything, atleast I used to. I rarely play now.
  2. Rly? My would be ok with me being bi...
  3. Here's another one from today's training...as you can see I'm making some progress...now you think of skate stuff to do here ...And another one, I think it's 3 days old...
  4. Lol same thing Matt (Ghost) told me for trials and same thing Mark (888ball) told me for Parkour (ofc ) ...
  5. Some audio editing programs - try Audacity. It's free and simple and I've been using it for a bit longer time now (although rarely, but still...)
  6. Here's on of me from parkour training. I'm still injured and no standing/walking/running/jumping is recommended. So I do stuff like these, this one's called elbow lever I think...not parkour but there's not much other stuff to do...oh, I'm not actually touching the ground with my nose...although pretty close
  7. I defo think they help in a way Spaz said, but I prefer to use them to relieve stress and simply have fun. Do they help in the terms of social communication depends on what games mean for you. If they're the last thing you'd do on a sunny day then it's ok, you don't live for games and playing games are better than doing nothing, like when it's raining and nobody wants to go out that night, right? If you prefer playing games over people, yeah, you probably have a problem. Also, beating a game will probably make you feel better and more sociable, while being stuck on a level would make you greedy and agressive. So I think it kinda all depends on the sucess/fail.
  8. None. I don't find much fun or satisfaction in lying in a chair and watching a TV. Sometimes (like once in 2 weeks) I watch TV and if something related to the sport's on, there is a chance I'll spend a bit to watch it. It's either something like basketball, handball or tennis or some extreme sports. Oh, and I find football very boring
  9. Well idk about you, but I count both die-hard metal and nu-metal as metal. I know some people don't because they don't "follow the original metal pattern", but imo that's wrong. Slipknot (or Disturbed) also have intelectual lyrics. And well if it's not the lyrics (SOAD) I'd still put it under metal because of the beat. If you ask me, I'd rather count out some of the rock bands that formed sub-genres of metal (Led Zeppelin). Yea, they've affected metal, but their songs are rock.
  10. Yeah, I like metal. Most of stuff I listen to is metal (most of other is rock...). I like most of the bands you guys listed here. And Linkin Park is a (crappy) wannabe hard rock band, not close to metal. Sub-genres I prefer are death, power, trash, metalcore, nu, progressive, alternative.
  11. :'( It does add to the realism, but I'm not sure whether I prefer something like Mafia or something like Carmageddon (remember anyone?). The point is one is a masterpiece based on Godfather trilogy and the second is a total arcade. Yea, I really enjoy playing "deep" games like Mafia but once it's done it's over. On the other hand, Carmageddon is a game where you don't have to use brains or anything associated to it. Just pure fun and ownage. Since I'm a stunter aswell it'd be nice to be able to have some more fun after 100%.
  12. Yeah, it certanly does sound like a Croatian name. I think the chances are pretty big it's gonna be it. The name Roman is a name in Croatia aswell, not very common but it's there. And on the top of all, Croatia has a big problem with emigrants. The only country "better" than them is Israel. So the info leaves me with hopes...
  13. Oh, I've been having much problems with the Premier Pro, since 2.0 refuses to open mpegs... One of them are wave artifacts when an object is moving. If I manage to make a fixed version I'll update, but too many people were pushing me to finish it...
  14. I like the idea of the topic. Mine is June.
  15. f***ing awesome editing job done, love it! I like that iBSM and p2b. Also congrats to Engel for finishing his 1st solo.
  16. That screeny actually reminds me of NFSMW and NFSC. Awesome move nevertheless.
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