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    When I get back from vacation I'll do my best to get it. The trailer had an awesome atmosphere and the preview in games mag I've read looked very good. I didn't play the demo, but I'll be more than happy to try out the full version.
  2. Slayer

    Mafia 2 ?

    Wow, nice find . If it was announced this early it's probably nearly finished.
  3. That is true, but no matter what, as a true Hitman fan I'd still like to see the movie. Tho I'm just afraid that if the movie sucks it will make Hitman games look bad in the eyes of the people who haven't played Hitman yet.
  4. Slayer

    Mafia 2 ?

    Can't wait to see Mafia 2, that would be awesome. I was a big fan of Mafia, gotta love the amazing storyline and great engine.
  5. Haha, I've seen this on the news...Too bad you Nokia users can't leave the mobile phone safely charging over night
  6. Trivium is way better than A7X imo. Great guitar solos and non-irritating vocals. Not to mention they're quite heavier.
  7. Slayer


    Wee! Let's get drunk! Not really, from my experience people who are lone get to know more people than those who already have friends there since those who already know people stick to them while the newbies have to search for friends.
  8. *moving to gaming rather than the lounge* My 1st GTA was VC I played at my friend's. It was love on the first look.
  9. Taxi drivers must die! So fucking great lyrics
  10. I know that song...used to listen to MT years ago... Children of Bodom - Hatebreeder
  11. Not that easy to say so I'll leave the poll intact. I like a few songs, but I find some very irritating, especially because of the bad vocals. "Chapter Four" is one of their better songs I agree. What genre are they anyway? Some say they're emo, some say they certanly aren't... I've never been fond of emo stuff anyway...
  12. Never got that in front of someone. The only time I get those is on roller coasters. So I just keep myself away from greasy food before the ride
  13. OMG OMG t3h 5UP3R G33K!!! My school starts one week after your does Same, been on a pretty boring holiday for 2 weeks, 2 more weeks to go. I hate this time I spend by the sea with my parents
  14. *skips 3 pages* If you haven't had an erection before 10 I feel sorry for you. Yea, and who doesn't? I figured out it's either a drunk & drugged slut or a girlfriend you've dated for years (NOT literally you n00bz). I've decided to go for the second one. I don't like sluts...tho I have to admit I think I'd accept if one offers me. But still, I think it's better to go for a virgin. You want to remember it and you want her to remember it, right?
  15. I had to cook for myself when I was younger, now we have someone to do it. At that time I was pretty much home alone, now it's too many people around for me to cook for, and I really don't have the time to do it everyday. But I can make a few simple meals...
  16. Hmm, I'd just crop a bit more than necessary and then add the inner border myself.
  17. I suppose they just see you like a friend... And I assume you've never had anything more than a friendship with someone... Erm, it goes like this. You come up to a girl and ask her out. She accepts, you get her number and you agree on the details. So you meet up with her somewhere, you talk a bit, relax, then when she has to go you take her home and if she's for it you make out in front of her doorway. ^^Ofc this isn't an only option
  18. They have to make you able to aim while in car, simply by pressing the aim button. Idk why they didn't do that back in SA.
  19. I think it will be more than just an accessible interior in game. Could be a safehouse (remember Jesus Saves from GTA2, or Hitman 2?) or a place where you take missions from (again, in Hitman 2 you were taking missions from a laptop that was in a shed in church's backyard, same place where you were storing your weapons).
  20. Dude nothing wrong here. First time I made out was when I was 4. Wasn't a crush, it was just me an my (female) friend playing teens. But at ten...won't be a true relationship, but as long as it's fun for them I guess it's ok. Btw loads of much older girls would be thrilled with a teddy bear
  21. That's true, it's nothing to rush about. Yeah, it can be tempting, but ask yourself would you rather share it with someone you love or a slut who'll forget you in a week.
  22. Because you don't have the permission to access those parts... WB BTW
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