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  1. Well better start believing... Oh my, I forgot Helloween, a german power metal band, but they sing in english too. Well Ensiferum has a few songs on the "original" Finnish language. As for COB it doesn't matter, you can't understand most of the lyrics anyway
  2. Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me the only mp3 I have on my laptop XD
  3. Whoa, loads of kickass scandinavian metal bands like Children of Bodom, In Flames, Ensiferum, Dream Evil, Wintersun, Hammerfall... Then the german Rammstein is ok I guess. Finally, from croatian bands I respect Hladno Pivo (punk rock) and Prljavo Kazalište (old school rock). Perhaps I'll update with a few links later...
  4. Please read post dates next time. This is 6 months old.
  5. Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a gf that's turned on by metrosexuals but won't ever admit that...
  6. I'm guessing getting a temp one would be a reasonable choice. Especially if she's really new.
  7. Dude I'm proud of that stunt, took me hours to nail I'll dl a vid when I get home, it was sooo long ago that I forgot what stunts I've sent. I just know I've had 2 more Hydra spots to land, but I've forgot about that just like Ghost forgot he was supposed to edit this!
  8. ^^ Nope, he wants to record the animated artwork, not the sound. So Audacity's no good here. I know there are some screen capture programs just like Fraps, but you can use them anytime. So just google a bit.
  9. In Flames - Only For The Weak All 3 of those you've listed.
  10. ^^ Dude he has already said that in the 1st post I don't watch WWE or anything similar. But today's morale of people... this doesn't suprise me at all.
  11. Right click on my computer > properties > advanced > (performance) settings > tick box "use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop"
  12. Hladno Pivo - Sreća I've found that album on my school's PC. It's a Croatian punk rock band. I don't like any of Croatian music, especially not anything new, I'm just listening to it because I have nothing better to do.
  13. Well I'm not really a fan of it, it's fun to use when having fun sometimes, but I see people taking it too far, just as Sky said, saying "LOL" irl. I get an impression they don't have anything better to say then.
  14. I'd say import>select the PSD (if the import command exists )
  15. Probably import PSDs.
  16. Kataklysm - Crippled And Broken MLL - What was the quote for then?
  17. screw you. I've always said that's a compliment ...Did I say something wrong btw? DragonForce - Cry Of The Brave
  18. I have a few video download plugins for Firefox, my fav is UnPlug.
  19. If I've not mistaken, it's legal for underaged to have sex if they're both the same age. So let's say 12-12 would be fine, but 16-15 would be pedophilia. Isn't law just lawl?
  20. Defo. I remember I used to do that stuff in kindergarten, although there wasn't any love involved.
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