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  1. X2, but we didn't came here to discuss his relationship or whatever, just his present idea. I'd say the hoody with your pic on it is way too far. You could send her a teddy with a heart, girls fall for that.
  2. Deep Purple - Knocking At Your Back Door
  3. Actually, I have their Greatest Hits album. If I dislike that I'm sure I wouldn't like the other albums...Besides, how can you judge who has a good voice or hasn't? It's not like there's a scale for that, it's all personal opinions. Oh yeah forgot about Tool...I just can't get any of their songs...I have 5 albums and couldn't say I've found a single song I've liked.
  4. So, you probably have bands that just annoy you and you see no point in their existance. So list them down below and possibly type a reason why. Just try to stay out of flaming each other for different opinions. Iron Maiden - it's been enough, you're all grandpas by now and you're not even metal, which you claim you are Linkin Park - you're a disgrace to hard rock and rock in general; disappear like you've never existed Limp Bizkit - Slipknot - that's not hardcore, that's retardcore SOAD - come back when you get some inspiration for the songs, this what you do now is called "spamming" Avenged Sevenfold - you've had your City of Evil, now it'd be best to draw the line before you release something stupid again Guns N Roses - if you can't get decent vocals, retire AC/DC - you've had a great influence on many bands, that's what I respect, but don't gather again and don't call yourself hard rock/ pioneers of metal Greenday - ever been much into punk, but I know when it's been too much
  5. It's considered cheating only if you get caught...I have no idea what would happen, I've never payed attention to ESRB ratings.
  6. Holy crap it's TVG...and banned! Now that's just too far. So what, if you start to feel like sneezing you have to press UP UP DOWN LEFT so that you cover your mouth!? NO
  7. On the other hand, do we really need stealth in GTA? Imo it fits GTA just like ice cream and cucumbers (say something funny now plz). GTA is a game of mass destruction, when did you use stealth kills with a knife off mission?
  8. As long as you keep posting stuff like: This thing should actually go to The Longue...I'll probably have to move it later, but atm I don't have a problem with it being here. After all, Ghost had his comeback thread here. edit No that is not only you, that's the reason I've left this topic here...for people to beware
  9. If they'd give the game AO rating from the start they'd save the publisher and developers a lot of JT style trouble later.
  10. Slayer

    Mafia 2 ?

    That is true, but I'd be much happier if there would be a brand new city. Lost Heaven could get a lot of new buildings and such, but the map would stay pretty much the same since the streets won't change directions. Anyway, don't forget there wasn't only city landscape in Mafia, there was around 3 times more roads on the countryside.
  11. The only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn't keep ID3 tags when converting music. So that means I have to manually edit song(s) info.
  12. Slayer

    Mafia 2 ?

    Uhm, no, I don't think so. Looking at the screenies it doesn't look like Lost Heaven to me. Funny thing, yesterday I was watching news and while the reporter was telling about some conflicts between the families, they showed one Mafia artwork.
  13. Erm, why can't you just do it? Yeah, ofc you'll be scared a bit, but you always have to push yourself a bit over the edge. I mean, this summer I've found a nice cliff to jump from. Not very high, just around 8 meters, but I was just a bit scared before I had to jump. So I just ran, concentrating only to pass the edge, not thinking about the fall. And it was pretty damn cool & easy. So here's what you do - run into the room screaming "MOM, DAD, I'M GAY!!!", not worrying about what will happen next. It will just make your life easier, instead of you regreting later for the things you've missed in life. I was a pussy and missed some things in my life (related to some girls) and I still deeply regret no matter what, always asking myself "What would be if I...". Try to avoid that, just admit it.
  14. LULZ Okay, I'll leave it open for comments for a bit... How come you have to study already now, 7-8 months before the exams?
  15. Or you mean FLV to MPG converter? Google for SUPERĀ©. It's the universal converter for any audio/video format you could imagine. And it's free!
  16. Definetely a good remix. Godsmack - Changes
  17. Slayer

    Mafia 2 ?

    Damn, a bit too fantastic I must say...what do you think, how high will the sys specs be? (too lazy to check on the site, if it's listed there)
  18. I thought the same thing. 47 and hair don't fit. He's just a clone, his genetics doesn't include hair.
  19. How do you people classify "hanging out with mates" as a hobby? Isn't that something we all do? It's like breathing or walking. Music: Mostly metal, lots of (hard) rock, some nu-metal, a bit of punk and a few hip-hop songs I fancy Clothes: Anything I find in my closet. I prefer dark colours, and always wear sneakers. Hobbies: Not very interested in gaming anymore, most of the time it's MSN, but I'm still interested in image (Photoshop) & video (Premiere) editing. I like basketball and I often play it with my friends, sometimes table tennis, but most of time it's parkour I practice. I also work out at home. I don't care where'd I fit, I try to get along with everyone. I've spent lots of time with my friends this summer, and still hanging out with some people here at the seaside (I'm on a vacation atm). Usually I spend most of my time with my gf, but I've decided to take a break from her this summer
  20. They always do. You mean a human shield? Yeah, we all love Hitman
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