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  1. Vice City Mod Manager it's used to easily install .vcm mods into Vice City
  2. I would like to see a remake of VC, maybe in the later 90s or about year 2007 (the year of GTA4 release) but no matter what, I'm sure that R* will make a good choice
  3. I agree that ambulance is the hardest vehicle mission but it gives you infinite sprint. I tried that mission over and over failed a few times on level 10 and 11 and two times on level 12 , but when i finally passed it, I was sprinting all day , didn't bother to borrow a vehicle. I suggest you to use the ambulance from the hospital near north point mall as this is the easiest (I tried every hospital in VC a few times) and I aslo completed that mission from it. I started to play San Andreas a few days ago and now I'm trying to do the R3 missions first, as this is a great benefit in later missions. I have only one question for those who completed R3 missions from SA. What bonuses do you get after completeing certain levels of R3 missions? thanks
  4. mods for sure try to put in the old files. if that doesn't work, yeah, you should reinstall the game
  5. Slayer


    Man , first you don't know how 2 mod stuff in SA and the same day you post that you're experiencing problems with the game. I mean, what's the point
  6. You should probably get yourself an analog controller unless you have one If you have, then you really need a savegame
  7. if you haven't made backup, you should reinstall the game. ALWAYS make backup, especially if you edit files like gta3.img, that is where the most problems come from note: I used to edit gta3.img from VC and then even backup didn't help
  8. I would like to play as Tommy Vercetti again. he was such a badass
  9. UVS 9.0 it's quite a powerfull tool but also easy to use. but I dislike when it crashes, and that happened a few times
  10. you have tutorials for flying school on http://www.gtasanandreas.net/schools/flight.php
  11. I suggest you to download Vice City 100% checklist and see what have you completed
  12. -new graphic engine (the one from SA sucks) -more interiors -realistic weapons -realistic car damage -destroyable enviroment -better story line -be able to buy stuff for safehouses -cars interior -even bigger map
  13. have you done the final (keep your friends close) mission?
  14. you have to replace specified files inside. for example, you must replace aaa.dff, not bbb.dff you also can't add new files, just replace old ones
  15. I think he finished their missions cos the last mission for cubans is trojan voodo and he can't play it unless he completes the haitians mission with rifle
  16. yeah, I also liked these co-op missions bombs away! was my favourite because of the RC planes bombing. stupid but fun
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