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  1. Oh my...very interesting challenges. I might try some of these later, I'm currently having fun with SALC.
  2. Perhaps a shorter version... Oblivion is really a huge game, with pretty much everything simulated.
  3. Yeah, I get it from time to time... It's something pretty much everybody gets.
  4. Well yea, they make people more interested in them. Then, unless they're complete jerks and people start and bullying them, they start doing pretty good. The important thing is to fit well in your own skin. And speaking of that popular kids and "looking like them if you want to be popular", why are they popular? I can't really say why is it, but I can guess. Is it because they have rich parents? They have good grades (ROTFL )? Or they have something special that makes them interesting? From my point of view, being different is a power. Just be careful with that "I don't give a f***!" attitude. Too much will make you a lonely weirdo, and not enough will make you a snob, just a wannabe to laugh at.
  5. Cmon, this has nothing to do with your hairstyle or the looks. People who look different are often popular and don't get mistaken for others. Other random popular people don't get mistaken for others. It's just about being unpopular if you get mistaken for others. I've never been mistaken . And I really don't look like anything out-of-ordinary. I'm too lazy to spend too much time in front of a mirror, and I really don't think that'd make much of a change. I've never felt the need to do that either.
  6. It's actually Vain. That MF Ghost has made a typo... Metallica - Breadfan
  7. Whatever has happened to good music taste? The intro was creative too. Awesome bumps in LC and at the airport.
  8. I watch it rarely, only when I'm either very bored or a friend gives me some links. Also, sometimes I watch it with my girlfriend. Still, porn can't replace a sexual relationship, but I really don't see anything bad in it. It can be inspiring, but, after all, I get bored pretty quick.
  9. Yeah, apparently it was based on a true story. It can't be a true story since it'd be really hard to find a camera and a tape after all... TBWP is a great example of how to get rich with only 50 bucks invested. Yeah, the authors invested 50$ for a camera and that was pretty much it. The movie was a great success. To me, the movie was uber boring. Nothing happens, no real ending, pretty bad acting, you can see that nobody's really scared or what...
  10. Lawl, this has really made me laugh . Defo not something I'd be proud of...
  11. Darn sky, wish I could look THAT older. Awesome pic
  12. Erm, yea, uploads sometimes don't work for me either...
  13. Sounds pretty good, especially the new rating system and removing the e-mail mod feature. Multiple thumbnails also sound nice.
  14. Well in the gamer's world, Duke Nukem Forever is a legend and a synonym for games that take long time to develop. Since probably most of it's popularity is based on a fact that it's taking so long to finish it, imo it might be best not to even finish it in the first place. This way it's something legendary and if the development continues (and never finishes), we'd have a quite fun situation. Might become some kind of a record aswell .
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