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  1. A couple of mates and I put this to this test last night and it worked like a charm. GREAT SUCCESS
  2. Nothing that happens at your ages is considered a "fight" in the traditional sense. What we have here is the classic "circle jerk" masquerading as a fight. I predict there will be much man love and the usual hugging/grappling that happens in these things with the complementary "fight fight fight" chanted in the background by a group of people who collectively probably only have 4 pubic hairs. If anything you should taunt the fucker into trying to hit you, then do a slow jog and he will eventually have a myocardial infarction whereupon he will fall to the ground and set off a chain reaction which will inevitably result in a tsunami in the pacific somewhere.
  3. lol 10/18/2010 WTF? Also, yah rockstar removed the frickin site. No...lol I was talking about the dates in my link. Rockstar never moved the site, it never exis.... oh shit I gave it away
  4. I'm surprised you guys didn't notice the date the GTA:HC info was both released and written on. They made this WAAAAY too obvious.
  5. How can that be the next GTA when this is
  6. Lulz I r famous. I lol'd at their description too. To be fair I would assume they simple keep an eye on http://aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com/ and just post their faves. We got submitted there fairly early on in the day. We were within the first 60-70 sites on there this year. Back in 2006, we made #7 in their featured websites list which was pretty impressive. Still pretty cool we randomly get featured on NineMSN.com.au though. Pretty big news site in Australia is it not? It's a fairly big one yes. lol @ Gay Theft Auto
  7. I recommend you get every single one of those games. They are all epic. Playing the demo of Killzone 2 made me think the game wouldn't be that great, having bitten the bullet and bought it I must say the demo DID NOT give that game any justice.
  8. People who do that on the PS3 really piss me off. They act like they are awesome after grabbing a lot of ammo and hiding inside a building, after we have absolutely destroyed them out in the open like men We just kick them, or if there aren't enough of us who want to kick the person, we lead the fighting to some other location. Ignoring them entirely. They eventually get pissed off and come looking for us, at which point the raping once again continues until they leave. It's so satisfying when those people follow you and you kill them then tea bag them. They ALWAYS get the shits and leave. We had this one guy who just camped in this building and we had no idea where he was. When we figured it out, we let him use up his ammo so he had to come out to get some more. We had the respawn time set on for some ridiculously long period and the ENTIRE list of people caught up with him, killed him and a mass tea bagging ensued. Was very lulz
  9. Dude clam down, I may have my head in a corner, but at least it's not up my ass like yours! How can it be in my own ass when it's buried in your mother's crotch???
  10. What the hell are you doing!?? You're supposed to be in the corner!
  12. I'm not at the top of your hate list...?
  13. Post your about me page here, create a nice little collection to laugh at...... XD Discussion is fine, just not excessively, like 40 posts and 2 about me pages... I'll post mine later, still under construction... Chris is right, it is funny when you get flamed for being a twit. Try this, please, it will amuse me. Step 1. Click on member's name Step 2. ??? Step 3. Profit
  14. Makes you wonder what his name was before it was changed to raybob95...
  15. TOOL TIME!!!!! LOL T'was a good show, I liked watching it every now and then.
  16. Oh wise one, which Anti-virus doth thou proclaim winnar?
  17. steveplayer


    This things just seems like a failing attempt at ingenuity.
  18. lol, thanks man. Jessica Chobot = Goddess <3 :P

  19. Yeah, I hear ya. Seeing my grandpap that way didn't make it any better. I can't imagine what he went through or anyone in that situation. Seeing him hunched over her after she passed away just got me thinking about how at one point they were just starting their life, their family and now she's gone. It's so depressing. My grandma and grandpap were inseparable and now that she's gone my grandpap is just lost without her. I try to spend as much time as I can with him so he's not sitting in the living room alone when he would usually be sitting there with my grandma. How long has it been since your grandpa passed away? He died in May '07. I try to do the exact same thing you do and keep my Grandma company as much as I can. They were pretty much inseparable too, and seeing how devastated she was, it was absolutely heartbreaking. It makes me feel better when I see how happy she gets when we drop in to visit every week. She's a lot better now but you can still tell it hurts her to have lost him. Thanks mate. The thing with my reading was I had no knowledge of it until an hour before the actual funeral. I hate speaking in front of large crowds, and believe me, my grandpa had A LOT of friends, family and well wishers. It didn't bother me in the slightest speaking in front of a few hundred people because it wasn't about me, it was about him. So I sucked it up and it was easier than I thought it would be but it still was very hard at the same time.
  20. Stuff like that sucks horribly HB. I had to do a reading at my Grandpa's funeral and it was easily the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It hurt tremendously when he passed but seeing my Grandma at the funeral hurt more than anything
  21. My new 500GB HDD was shipped today so now I'm backing up all the stuff from my original. Hope I don't fuck it up some how *TouchesWoodCrossesFingersGraspsLuckyFourLeafClover*
  22. He acted like a douche and I called him on it. I haven't done it for a while because he hasn't given me anything to work with (that I've seen anyway) and I've been busy :P

  23. Touching his flat chested titty. You know Efron doesn't have a dick. He has a pussy. But he never gets a chance to see his vagina because he had so much penises shoved up in there. Excellent way to show our maturity. I'm not defending him. I don't hate him, I don't like him. I nothing him. But, are you just annoyed because girls want him and not you, even when he acts like a girl...?
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