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  1. You fail just as hard as Husky failed. He KNOWS that the PS3 has internal PS/PS2 memory cards. He SAID he doesn't want to shell out to get the adapter to put his saves from his PS2 memory card to his PS3. He WANTS to know if anybody anywhere knows where he can acquire/download a LCS game save file from the interwebs and put it onto his PS3. Thereby negating the need to purchase aforementioned adapter or beginning the game again.
  2. You could always go get a girlfriend and have real sex....
  3. You can always download the MGS Database. Pretty much all the info regarding the series.
  4. steveplayer

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Some good ideas there man. Something I think would be cool is that you have a certain walking style/certain mannerisms when you wear certain types of clothing. Like, if they added a cool pimp outfit, you do this awesomely exaggerated strut and peds react to it. If you were wearing some hugely expensive fancy suit, you walk with this air of arrogance and that you're better than everyone else, which once again, the peds will react to. Little things like that would be cool, but my MAIN wish is that it returns to VC. I want a MASSIVE city like what they did with LC/NYC but bigger and modeled just like Miami. Imagine all the immigrants, illegals, beaches, swamp areas, skyscrapers, ghettos, mansions. The whole shebang. That and more mission variety. I dusted off my old VC and SA discs and gave them a run the other day and realized how much I missed the variety you had not just, drive here kill him, fly here kill him, run up these stairs and kill theseguys. It was fun for one run through but after it got old quickly.
  5. Unless something changes the PS3 has LA Noire to look forward to exclusively. Definitely one to look out for. I have been going back and forth between getting KZ2 or not. I wasn't really sold by the demo but I wasn't turned off the game by it either, so I don't know. GT5 should just be rape wrapped in insane resolution smothered in more rape. They have been working on it for God knows how long and it should be the most HD game around when it hits. A site which should pose helpful, I check it every now and then. http://www.ps3trophies.org/index.php
  6. I used HOME once and was immediately underwhelmed. Chris, few games you must get; MGS4, Resistance 1& 2, and lastly LittleBigPlanet. You will enjoy the free online
  7. I did, in Slyde's Happy Birthday to Me topic. I don't see why there can't be one huge topic either. No one has to be neurotic about it and constantly rearrange posts so that if God forbid someone posts a happy bday to someone two days late and someone else is currently getting some love. On this other forum I'm a member of there is one huge ass bday topic and it works fine. When it's your bday, you check to see if people have posted about it, if not, you post a sarcastic sad post like "Happy Birthday to Me ". You don't need to have it perfect where every member mentioned in the topic is mentioned in order of their birthday. That seems ridiculous. You don't need one for each year either, people just need to check the birthdays at the bottom of the forum and the topic every now and then. It isn't really hard.
  8. Why would a mod/admin need to update the topic? It is just a regular topic which has been pinned for any and all to post in. People drop in on birthdays and give there best wishes or rant about not getting what they wanted When I said universal topic, I meant just ONE topic for birthdays. You go into "The official Birthday topic" and post.
  9. Why not a universal birthday topic. One pinned topic which gets posted in. You can wish yourself and others a Happy Birthday and it wouldn't clutter everything up with a topic for every single member.
  10. What about a pedo chav Chris Soldier boy has always been a douche and this is just adding to his douche points. I feel he might be leveling up soon. I'm all for him liking Xbox but please, do it QUIETLY!
  11. Husky, your level of fail is reaching raybob proportions, I feel I need to stop you. Chris' first post in this topic which is what you used to start all this has NOTHING that says Vista itself sucks. He says that quite often, it is the people who tried a BETA of Vista who have this belief that the full OS is shit. He said the BETA sucked, most BETA's do. They are used to test and find out the bugs, lack of features etc. There is nothing in this post which says Vista sucks. Please go over it and find where you believe he said Vista sucks.
  12. The earth constantly goes through stages of cooling and warming. Everybody nowadays are all complaining about the amount of CO2 humans have created. Yes, we should cut down but in NO WAY are we the cause of climate change. When the dinosaurs were roaming the earth the level of CO2 was something like 3 times what it is now (can't remember if that is what it was, can't remember where I read it). That is WAY more than what Al Gore and the rest are bitching about and that is in a COMPLETELY natural world free from human intervention, and they lived for hundreds of millions of years. It had something to do with the amount of volcanoes constantly spewing toxins I think the article I read said.
  13. Hmm, didn't know that. I have the wallpaper around here somewhere if you want it.

  14. Nah, I found it randomly on the net. I probably should take that thing about made my own sig because that was for the one before hand :P

  15. I found the graphics of LCS and VCS poor in contrast to III and VC. I put it down to being a port like Urban. It was a GTA game and that was enough for me, I enjoyed playing it. If the graphics were better I would probably play it more often. The main reason I liked it is it gave me a chance to return to VC but gave me new stuff to do. Didn't hurt that it was cheap too
  16. Maybe because it is a 'Noise Grain Filter'...
  17. I see my quote about your topics still holds true.
  18. How does someone surviving a horrific accident piss you off? LOL
  19. Ahhh it sucks. The girl you have liked for years, is an awesome friend, you feel that there could be something there and it never comes about. This girl I really liked, her bf cheated on her, treated her like crap, so I try to comfort her (not wanting anything from it, just trying to make her feel better) and she ends up back with him. I hope she realized what she did, after the crap she went through.
  20. Whether you're a good person or not you still have flaws. You keep saying, if you're an Atheist, you’d have no flaws. So if I was an equally good person as said Atheist and did everything exactly the same, except I’m a Christian, I automatically have flaws? You still don’t understand. If something is without flaws, flawless if you will, it is considered perfect. Atheism is far from perfect yet you keep saying being an Atheist means you have no flaws, making you flawless or perfect. No flaws = flawless = PERFECT :/ You continually contradict yourself. I'm not trying to find little things wrong with your posts, they are sticking right out for me to see. The fact you don’t know enough about the issues sticks out like dogs balls. Simply putting complex, sensitive problems within the middle east and around the world down to 'a confusing book'. Comparing two things and saying one is flawless and the other is flawed, you are saying one is better than the other. Neither is better, there is only the one which is best FOR YOU. V Right there you are insinuating that Christians think they are better and know better than everyone else. Not every Christian goes around imposing their faith on others. You never hear about the quiet Christians who genuinely keep to themselves and are brought happiness daily by their faith. You are getting simple with your answers because you have nothing left to argue with and are resorting to calling me ignorant. You're the one who can't understand his own words. You're the one who doesn't have a proper grasp on the problems going on in the world and simply puts it down to "book confusion". To me, you're the the one who's ignorant of his own ignorance. Lets just leave it at this. This isn't helping the topic, truce?
  21. Are you that conceded? You think because you're Atheist you're better than me? You come into this topic all the time and basically say everyone is equal and no one is better than anyone else. @ Spaz: No, it shouldn't be an issue to begin with, just like racism and interracial marriage 50 years ago. But what I meant with it being on the ballot is at least they are trying to do something about it. I never once said I was better than you, I'm just saying that Atheists have no flaws compared to christians, being that they do not kill people because a book 'confuses them enough to make them kill people'. And of course I don't think everyone is equal, but I don't see myself very high in the list of people who are good, but yeah, I actually never even said that once, you just assumed that because I'm not a gay basher. No. Once again you are completely oversimplifying the situation. 'The book doesn't confuse them' into killing people. They don't feel confused, you assume they are confused because they see it differently than you do. They are twisting the words around to fit their own agendas, they aren't confused about it. You keep putting your foot in your mouth. You keep implying that you think you're better than me because you are Atheist and I am Christian. For one, it is hardly if ever the Christians warping the words of the Bible so that they feel comfortable going out into a crowded street or cafe and homicide bomb everyone in sight. Whether or not you 'directly' said you are better than me, saying Atheists have no flaws and Christians do is implying you think Atheists are perfect and better than Christians. Something without flaws, is considered perfect. By no means, is Atheism perfect. I assume you thought everyone was equal because you come in here saying gays should have the same rights as straight couples to get married. Implying that you feel there is no difference between gay and straight, that they should have equal rights to marry and adopt like straight couples. That is you projecting that you feel they are equal, that the only difference is who they are attracted to. For someone who accuses Christians of thinking they are better than everyone else, you are just going to show that no matter what your belief, you always think your own is better than the others.
  22. Are you that conceded? You think because you're Atheist you're better than me? You come into this topic all the time and basically say everyone is equal and no one is better than anyone else. @ Spaz: No, it shouldn't be an issue to begin with, just like racism and interracial marriage 50 years ago. But what I meant with it being on the ballot is at least they are trying to do something about it.
  23. LOL, finally, something we agree on
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