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  1. I wonder who could actually afford this shit with all the taxing he's been doing... EDIT: Invader Zim rules. Never tried it on drugs, but I bet it would be cool
  2. Hmm?? Her name is Jessica Chobot. She is a host on IGN if you didn't know. I don't really understand your question :P

  3. I know right! Chobot is like the perfect woman :P

  4. Don't know if they have it over your neck of the woods but over here they sometimes have this fertilizer called 'Blood and Bone' I believe it is. Which is pretty much just a bag of ground up horse/cow/barn yard meat and bones I think. It may be our equivalent to blood meal and bone meal mixed up, not sure. Don't hold me to it.
  5. Treyarch also used the engine for Quantum of Solace. I just want more trailers, give us something more than a frustrating "artistic approach"
  6. Thredbo... Snowy Mountains... Mount Kosciusko...
  7. steveplayer

    Godfather 2

    Very Nice I agree with Urbanoutlaw. They could have spent more time on it and made the maps huge. Apart from that it is a decent game. The one gripe I have is when you have a full wanted level it is IMPOSSIBLE to get away from the cops. They appear out of now where right in front of you like ghosts and have seemingly endless amounts of ammo. You can get in a car and drive away, but that is only delaying the inevitable. After about a minute of being pounded with machine gun rounds your car explodes and you have to make a break for it on foot. Talk about running the gauntlet. If you aren't within 15 steps of a safe house you get cut down extremely fast, and that is with body armor
  8. There aren't any in Adelaide and Hobart I hang around with aussies, all nationalities, but im just saying, when it comes to macedonian parties and shit, i have no one and yeh Your know for a fact that there is not one single Macedonian person in both Adelaide and Hobart? Is there like a convention where you all sign a registry and no one says they reside in those two cities? When you go to these Macedonian parties, try making new friends, then you will have people to hang out with.
  9. Damn son, love your enthusiasm Here be my PS3 games; The Godfather 2 Midnight Club LA Killzone 2 007 Quantum of Solace HAWX SvR 08 GH III Motorstorm LittleBigPlanet MGS 4 GTA IV Star Wars The Force Unleashed Assassin's Creed Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Tony Hawk's Project 8 Madden 08 NBA Live 09 Medal Of Honor Airborne Resistance 1 Resistance 2 COD 4 COD WaW Fallout 3 Bioshock Rainbow Six Vegas 1 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 I have a lot more PS2 and PS games but I can't be arsed getting them out
  10. This is a general statement, not sure if you do it or not, but.. Honestly I find boosting pointless. Having a Golden gun or another camo doesn't give your gun super powers, it doesn't make you the new popular kid on the street, and once you get it you will be extremely happy, but you won't find it that special after time passes and you'll realize the time you wasted when you could of been doing something much more important and useful. I'm not 'boosting', as you so elequently put it. It's 'boasting', you illiterate turd. I'm doing it because I've done the rest of the multiplayer, and that's the last thing to do before I leave it behind. If you have a problem with that, then go suck donkey dick, you fucking cunt. Something more important and useful. What, like helping noobs out like you? Forget it. I have no idea why you started an argument, I'm just mentioning my progress in getting the gold AK. I couldn't care less about your opinion. I made a general statement, it wasn't directed to you.. So bascially, your saying that you are "boasting", which says that your a cheater eh? Hows Domination "boasting" for ya bud? If you actually don't want to feel like a pathetic loser, stop cheating on video games and actually play them the right way. It seemed it was aimed at me, because you quoted me. If you didn't quote me, I proberly wouldn't even have seen the post. Also, it's not cheating, it's merely continuously playing the game to unlock some rewards. No codes were entered, no cheating was used, just hard work. I can't understand how you think it's cheating?... OT, I was playing some Half Life 2, I bought The Orange Box today 2nd hand for £13, and it's great fun. Currently, I believe I'm in a room filled with explosive barrels, and a load of flying robot things entered through the hole I jumped down, the saw things. I love how punchy the guns are, I thought they would feel weak but they're brilliant. Easily as good as COD4, and that's saying something. It's definitely a superb bargain. How do you call it hard work if somebody runs to you and lets you shoot them, thats not how you play the game. Those kills aren't legit. I was wondering why Bateman edited his post in the Godfather 2 topic, and now I see why. How the HELL did you get boosting from him saying he needs a few more headshots to get the Gold AK? Then when he told you he wasn't "boosting" he was "boasting", you go on your stupid little tangent about how he is cheating and isn't getting legit kills. Grab yourself a dictionary, look up the word "boasting", smack the large book against your head very hard, repeat. He was boasting, or for your feeble little brain to understand, bragging, that he needed a few more headshots for the Gold AK. You sir, are a twat. OT: Solitaire on the Ol' rig
  11. steveplayer

    Godfather 2

    Ahh k. Haven't been in that topic. NEHOO, the game is good, I like it. I haven't played my PS3 for a few days, not because the game has gotten boring, more so the marathon of every Soprano's episode ever made running non stop over the Easter weekend LOVE that show.
  12. steveplayer

    Godfather 2

    Wow... dick much...? I got the game and it isn't that bad. As someone said earlier, the graphics aren't the best, but they aren't terrible either. If you did like the first game, then you will love this one. I want to see some more trailers or even some game play footage for Mafia 2, which I feel should be a better game, but until then I'm having fun with this game.
  13. I'd have to go back to the game and fly a heli around to be sure, but I'm thinking you're on top of the Empire State building.
  14. LOL, in that mission when you choose between Darko's life or death, I let him live. Then as he was running away, and Roman was beginning his dialogue for the choice of saving him, I absolutely obliterated him with the car we were in The dialogue stopped and changed to when you choose to kill him LOL
  15. steveplayer

    Godfather 2

    It's gotten a 7.7 by IGN AU. Here's the review . Make your decisions as you will, I will probably buy it. If I don't like it, returning it is always an option.
  16. I've been warned on GTAF for saying "FacePalm" in response to an incredibly stupid post by one of the myriad of retarded members
  17. He works for his money too. Just because he looks like a git and acts like a git, doesn't mean he hasn't put in the hours to make the movies.
  18. I'm not holding out for TLAD on the PS3 but it would be nice. I have been toying with the idea of getting a 360 so I can get this, but not just for it.
  19. It sounds like the disc is fucking you around. Throw in some other PS2 and PS games in and see what the outcome is.
  20. You can change the language for any store you want. Make an account for any region and just set the language to English, bu like you said, the products MAY be in Japanese. I don't know, I haven't got a Japanese account. It's worth a try, if the stuff is in Japanese, just delete the account.
  21. I'm pretty sure you can sign up to the JP store and just select the language to English.
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