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  1. There is a topic exactly the same as this, oddly enough with the exact same name, conincidently created by you! :/ Now...
  2. Chill the [hell] out. [stuff] happens it is a part of life. It sucks that it has happened to you but it has been known to happen on off occasions. Try opening the little bay on the bottom/side for the HDD and giving it a thorough vacuuming out. If you want to know if it is still under warranty, try going down to the store you purchased it from and see if they still have the records of your purchase. Other than that I would suggest calling Sony again and if need be sending it out.
  3. Here's a tip: when I say something highly unintelligent, and follow it with the Hurr Hurr smiley, it's sarcastic... SAMPLE Here's a tip: whenever you say anything, be it followed by emoticon or not, no one takes you seriously. Please go away and die now, we are getting tired of this level of retardation. It's not a funny retardation, it's just plain annoying...
  4. It seems the sarcasm was lost on your there Hyphy :/
  5. steveplayer

    Why Wait?

    I see what you are saying yet you still didn't catch my main point Not just one but a very large team. i understand that it is impossible with one person but you seem to think i meen just one and I don't So if its to complex to even fathom that then you probably think its just stupid and i can understand that. no one person thinks exactly alike. and if you dont wan't to try to have the efort then i under stand. but hear me out. Mabey i should have a poll with this. Who thinks its a good idea and who thinks its a bad idea. And understand its only an idea no one has to do it. It was more of a question as well so state your reasons as to why it would be to hard and if there are enogh cold hard facts i'll drop it okay simple as that. Sorry i got you upset. I did take into account you didn't mean doing it by yourself. I understood you wanted to get a team of people together to make the game. ALL of my points against the idea were made with that understanding/assumption and therefore are still valid. Let me condense it a bit so that it isn't too complex and you can fathom what we have been saying: You don't have the resources/capabilities to do it! It is a MUCH LARGER job than you perceive. First of all, you would have a hell of a time getting these modders organized enough to even get it to the planning stage. Second, you don't have the resources at your disposal to make the game you've built up in your head. You want to make a game like GTA? Go to college, get some degrees, apply for a job making games, make the game. You'll have a better chance doing it that way than your way.
  6. steveplayer

    Why Wait?

    The fail is strong in this one! 1. I'm pretty sure we can't make GTA without R*'s involvement. The whole copyright issue thing among others. 2. I'm quite certain that this bunch of GTA modders would produce a shit house game. A game is more than custom player skins and vehicle mods. It takes countless hours of writing scripts, then countless hours of recording the lines, then countless more hours editing, coding and quality control etc. That is just one facet of the game. Then there is also the game/story design, character design, world design etc which can take years. 3. To make the game as worth while as your imagination seems to have, you need technology. Technology you and these other modders couldn't afford if you whored yourself out to 50 really fat chicks for $1000. Giggity...
  7. I feel bad your dad didn't pull out when he had the chance...
  8. There's always the CTRL+SHIFT+C and 'motherlode' cheats... LOL. You're the first person I know that doesn't cheat themselves a good $100,000 on building their house. And the fact that Shirley's family in my game had over 500k worth of green, plus I get to hack their stats big time. The only good games EA has whipped up are Crysis, The Sims and Command & Conquer. The rest are utter crap, so crappy that I can make a frisbee out of a NFS Undercover or Spore disc. OK Huck, sorry, but now I officially hate you. NEVER, and I truly mean never, diss a NFS Game. Go ahead, hate on Spore, but NFS it the bomb. The two greated game franchises ever created have been Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto...learn to respect the best... As for NFS being one of the greatest franchises ever is, :/ NFS is pretty shitty. GT series and Forza are where it is at.
  9. Wow. In those few words you have proved that you are in fact a virgin, have no knowledge of human anatomy and are a condescending little turd. Congratulations
  10. Use the same drop shadow effect on the shapes as you used on the text and it will be perfect
  11. My god Steve, I laughed the shit outta myself. You're welcome
  12. LOL nah... she's taking the piss :)

  13. If going into Iraq was all about the oil, where is it? I'd like to see some of this oil that was the supposed cause for the conflict because the current prices around the place beg to differ on that argument completely.
  14. lollerpiez... I have so much homework/revision to do, but this is quite entertaining
  15. steveplayer

    Godfather 2

    GAHHH!!!!! I have every trophy/achievement in this game EXCEPT the executions one. I finished the story before completing all of them and you can only do them on gangsters So now I have to start a new game just to quickly shoot through the execution kills lol
  16. You could at least write in coherent sentences if you insist on bumping every topic in this section.
  17. OMFG it can't be this easy....
  18. This is getting ridiculous. How many topics are you going to bump to try and get into the RMC? Or do you think it will inhibit growth of your 'e-pen15' every time your post count increases?
  19. No one said he had anything to do with it. Of course Obama and the Whitehouse aren't making money off this crap, they're making their money taxing you poor bastards to hell. inb4conservativebashing.
  20. Not much, going to class right now. Cya :P

  21. I figured this out like halfway though, i was surprised they never said anything about it when you start the game. ?????????? I thought you were told not to make pointless posts to get accepted into the Raiders MC? However, this is going to get you more known around this whorehouse. Not the way you want though...
  22. download it. Fail :/ I'm sorry I don't know anything about mods so I couldn't tell you. Hopefully someone here does know. Good Luck
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