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    The Beautiful San Andreas

    Scenic mount chilead
  2. badgerov


    you get millie as a GF during one of the casino missions.
  3. badgerov

    A hint for having fun in SF bay

    to get in the crane, there should be a little red halo type thing( I don't know what its called) under it. get in that and press...um...triangle on the PS2, don't know on PC since I use a ps2 controller on PC still. I've tried this one, driving off in a car when attached....kinda fun for a while, especially with a faster car/bike and some nitrous. Its best to lower the crane to about car height, and drive directly under it at full speed. I wish you could control the crane while inside the car, so you could release the magnet at the top of the swing.....flyin car!
  4. badgerov

    Practice under water

    Just dive underwater and start swimming. You have to get your lung capacity up to a certain level.
  5. badgerov

    Stuck on Zero's Mission

    well, I can't help, it crashes when I try and load it. Victim will become accessible when you access far enough into the game. Maybe getting to LV...not 100% sure when it is acutally unlocked.
  6. badgerov

    Freefall mission really bugging me

    Nope, not that one. Its the mission where you have to fly a dodo to a flying airplane and then jump into it and kill everyone inside.
  7. badgerov

    Which MMORPG do you play?

    WoW sounds cool, but I'm not about to pay a monthly fee for it.
  8. badgerov

    Mission N.O.E Help

    I usually head west until I hit the river, then follow that way south. You could also fly west, or even north, until you hit the sea, and just follow it all the way around to get to angel pine.
  9. badgerov

    Freefall mission really bugging me

    Its been a few days since you posted, so I don't know if you still need help, but I did the mission for ya(first attempt ). You should be getting a phone call pretty quickly after you load it up. GTASAsf6.rar
  10. badgerov

    Favorite Island

    Good question, I can't say really...either Las Venturas or Los Santos...there's just something about San Fierro that makes me not like it as much.
  11. badgerov


    Here ya go hunter.rar
  12. badgerov

    Need leviathn txd & dff

    If you can wait until this weekend, I'll post them when I get back to school and my high speed internet....dial up sucks.
  13. badgerov

    Getting vehicles into buildings

    Yeah, I've done that, and gotten a car inside the mansion in the same manner, but thats about it.
  14. badgerov

    Go-Kart and SWAT Tank

    There's also one in a building in....El Quabaderos(sp?)...the town where you meet the cop girlfriend. Also, there's one in the parking lot on the south side of the Las Venturas stadium(the one with the dirtbike missions, not the baseball staduim), as well as a behind house just south east of the las venturas golf course(actually the first house kitty corner from the southeaster corner of the parking lot).
  15. badgerov

    Darn Mouse

    I don't believe you can change that. You could get a controller....that would eliminate the problem completely.
  16. badgerov

    How to add a second color slot?

    hm....those were the answers I was afraid of. I have looked in both files and haven't seen anything in either that looks like it would allow this to happen. I guess its not really that big of a deal, but oh well.
  17. Recently, I've installed a few new cars, and they're all great, except for one thing. A few of them have multiple colors on their cars, but in transfender, I only get the option to change the 1st color. I have to goto a pay and spray in order to change the second. Is there any way to add a second color slot for these cars so I can change it in a mod shop? I have cheked the carmods file and the ultimate editor, but I haven't seen anything that would work. Does anyone know how to do this or is it even possible?
  18. badgerov

    How to pickup girls into the cars?

    If you're talking about the hookers, really all you have to do it drive up to them, and they'll ask you if you want their services. If you reply yes, they should get in. I've had 2 hookers in a car before, haven't tried three, but I guess you can probably max out how many spots are in a car. On that note...How many people can fit inside a bus? I recruited the max amount of gang members once, and I think they all fit inside...
  19. badgerov

    Transfender Glitch

    Yeah, that happens to me quite a bit, actually, it just seems to happen randomly.
  20. badgerov

    your fave girlfreind

    Katie, just because you keep your weapons when killed. Really, I wanted to just kill them all because they're annoying as hell.
  21. I wouldn't mind seeing it set in Chicago/Detroit in either the 70s or present day. Hell, if they wanted to, they could squeeze liberty city in with it, though its kinda far away. In that case, they could have Philadelphia or somewhere as an intermediary.
  22. badgerov

    Best World War II FPS Game

    Where's my Battlefield option? Anyways, I haven't gotten around to Brothers in Arms, so Call of Duty...lately Medal of Honor seems to have gone stale.
  23. badgerov

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    No. Two player missions are not in the PC version, though there are online multiplayer mods. Don't know about modding the SWAT tank. Usually more expensive gives highest sex appeal boost, but it really doesn't matter. Its all about what car you were in last, and how damaged it was.
  24. badgerov

    Stuck in " Farewell, my love"

    Well, I tried, but upon loading your savefile, my game crashes . I guess the only help I can give is to take it somewhat slow and try not to leave the road, especially around water. The car is fast, but its not all about speed in those races.