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  1. Shit, it would be so F**KIN AWESOME!!! I would never get off of that for months. Maybe, if R* created Virtual Theft Auto.
  2. Hey I didn't see this. Oh well, Happy Birthday!
  3. Holy shit at the girl. Damn is that your sis? Or your girlfriend? She's probably your sister. She's not my sister and she's not my girlfriend (YET!) when the holidays are over, I'M GONNA GET HER!!! For God sake let me have her this time! Please support me! @drafter You guys look like the valets in SA in the third pic @Dirty Harry lol, it would be better if it was real pussy Man! I'm missin a lot of action at this topic, I should post some pics later Even when he's drunk? These are sacred pics!
  4. UFOs? Might as well call it Alien Theft Auto. What about a set of jet clothes like instead of a jetpack, there would also be jet shoes, jet pants, jet helmets, maybe even jet gloves and jet sunglasses
  5. Shit, R* has missed the ultimate tool! I'd rather have that than the bmx, the skateboard is more awesome and more useful (it would be pretty funny if someone knocked you off it )
  6. Shit, my friend's English is bad! But it's still good for doing prank phone calls
  7. Oh ok, it's just that I accidentally spawned a quadbike, saved the game and when I did that mission where I must find those ambulances, the icons didn't appear on the map and the mini map (I had to play the whole game again). So I thought cheats would really mess up the game. How come that doesn't happen in GTA 3?
  8. If only my friends could speak English Can I right a script and submitted in the forum and request someone to make the film for me?
  9. Hey guys, I was just wondering if you put in cheats and save your game really messes it up?
  10. LMFAO!!! Just read it today! Name: Gustav Knifenfork Age: 15 Nationality: Russian Current location: Verona Beach - Los Santos Previous Occupation: none Attire: a pair of blue swimming pants, sandals and a pair of sunnies Fighting style: a mixture of kung fu and boxing - boxing fu!!! Gang: The Beach Bum Families History: He used to be with the Russian group in Los Santos but left the group coz of what Big Smoke and CJ did to them. He moved to the Verona Beach area and group together a bunch of beach bums and formed the Beach Bum Families.
  11. Rule 29 is weird. Then that means some of you guys are FBI agents 0_0. Jeez, didn't know i was that harsh.
  12. Happy Birthday man! Even if I don't know you that much, I still like to say it
  13. Shit, that's awesome. Thanks mate! Shit, that's awesome. Thanks mate!
  14. It is but since The Truth was talkin about polar bears during a mission, cj said that.
  15. I think that's what they said, I'm not sure but it's funny
  16. NickS

    GTA Movies

    Then why not create a 3D GTA movie? Wouldn't that make things easier?
  17. If it's for gta3, you open the gta3 folder and look for a folder called mp3. Then you stick in some mp3 songs in it. And i think you have to edit the mp3report notepad file before you can listen to it. I'm pretty sure that's what you do
  18. This is a pretty cool upgrade! It's like entering the space age with this new style version! That's what I mean! Sorry Can't wait for it though
  19. Ooohhh now i get it. So probably there won't be a SA Stories. But still, there should be planes in the next game, they're just a lot of fun
  20. Or either that a file or more that contains those radio station songs are missing. I have the same problem too and I'm pretty sure those files are missing, i just don't know which one it is
  21. Jeez! That rocket part was supposed to be a joke. maybe space shuttles would be nice Hope they'll make a San Andreas Stories for PC and PS2 (maybe even PS3).
  22. Love the game! I've got it but the disc is fucked ha ha. Planning to get the movie, haven't seen it b4. :)

  23. Alter Bridge - Before Tomorrow Comes
  24. I thought women raped men coz I just got raped by a girl yesterday So much for being civilised human beings
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