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  1. So, if GTA 5 will be San Andreas Stories, there's a big chance there'll be planes and helis. What about Rockets?
  2. Jeez, you're mom is exactly like my mom (on the blaming everyone part and the driving part ) There's no sex thinking in the women's brain ?
  3. NickS

    GTA Movies

    O come on! It's not that big!
  4. NickS

    GTA Movies

    Whoops! I shouldn't have said that!
  5. Has Anyone tried mixing Coke, Sprite and Fanta together? Man! It gave me a headache after drinking that! Has anyone also ever tried Sprite Zero? This new flavoured type of Sprite just arrived in stores today at my place
  6. Guys are more relaxed than girls. I don't know. But I have a different mind than that
  7. The Drug empire. I just like it for some reason
  8. I like the Hired Muscle, it makes you look like a gangsta
  9. Well CJ never heard of any myths so he wouldn't be scared Back on topic: I can't find those wormholes. If it appears at a specific place, please tell me
  10. The second pic is hilarious!
  11. @Butters F**kin awesome topic you got (the first few pages) even more new myths (it's actually old but I just found out ) @RAPTORX22 Don't worry about the myths, they won't do any harm in game (coz they're not there or they could )
  12. It's either WeetBix or Just Rights...their both my favourite though...I'd say Just Rights
  13. Never seen or heard of wormholes either. I guess you know something new eveyday If you showed some pics of it then, i might go and look for those
  14. NickS

    GTA Movies

    Ok, maybe some other gta game. What about San Andreas?
  15. Those balls of light don't even look like UFOs anyway. They're like shooting stars from a distance
  16. NickS

    GTA Movies

    Like Pulp Fiction. I was thinking more like a movie series like Liberty City is the first movie then, Vice City is the second etc. The storyline of each gta game is great, wouldn't it be great enough to turn it into a movie?
  17. NickS

    GTA Movies

    Name the movie Grand Theft Auto Vice City instead of just Vice City, that way, there would be a good excuse.
  18. Nope, never seen and heard of and I don't think they sell em here. I only know coke, sprite, fanta, 7-up and pepsi (since those are the only softdrinks they sell here) When I ever see one, I'm gonna try it out
  19. NickS

    GTA Movies

    Ah, well there you go. I had no idea about that, maybe I'll have a peek. Maybe the topic could discuss thoughts about a new movie, eg. plot, setting, characters? Not meaning to take over warrior13's topic ^-^ Oh, I was expecting more of a movie based on Liberty City. Planning to take over my topic eh? Nah, it doesn't really matter. Yeah, we should discuss about that. I was thinking more of Vice City as a movie. It looks pretty cool if it turned into a movie. A bit like American Gangster but with more style in a tropical city
  20. I don't know where to post this so, I posted it here. If it's in the wrong forum, please move it Will there ever be a movie about Grand Theft Auto? Or is there one out already?
  21. Nessie is a loch ness monster... Which is a stupid myth as the game is set in america, not scotland. Does sound pretty stupid. Even if did exist, why would R* put that in anyway?
  22. lulz, ava cuppa? You think I'm a Pommy ? What I need is BEER! What's the difference between Dr Pepper and Coke? I never heard of Dr Pepper and never tried one so I don't really know what it taste's like
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