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  1. When I saw the astronaut pic, I thought that this COD game is gonna be fucking awesome!
  2. The Gang system's going!!! That used to be the only reason why I joined this forum. And I got that message too when I tried to access it.
  3. I reckon you do the best graphic design in this forum man! Great job!
  4. NickS


    I've just got Skype but I haven't bought any credits though... :/ Basicly got it just for my dad
  5. This sounds like shit to me! Now men have to wear a condom before a blowjob. Jezees, what next? kissing will make you loose your taste buds? or maybe even winking at someone will make you go blind!
  6. Looks awesome! I need an upgrade, since I've got CS2 atm.
  7. Shit, how did that happen? It's fixed now anyways
  8. Click this shit hot link and you're in business! Hope that helps
  9. I can actually access this site quickly now! It's great!
  10. Well, I'm gonna reinstall my computer in another 2 weeks so, I hope this corrupted registry will get wiped off so I can try the new MTA SA!
  11. Jeezes, and here I am trying to scrape enough money to get a new one just for myself (which might take a few years) if that's the only option, then I'm stuck with it.
  12. Ok, I've downloaded CCleaner and I did everything (used the cleaner, scan for issues from the registry tab and tried uninstalling it from the tools tab) and that thing still pops up. What else should I do???
  13. @Raybob Really? Do you know how I can get it to go a bit more faster?
  14. This project sounds awesome! Any idea on how big will this mod will be just out of interest???
  15. Haha thank you. I just experiment and freestyle dat shit homie Got dat homie! Imma gonna do dat!
  16. Well, I sorta uninstalled it before and there were like some files left in the folder so I just deleted the whole folder and I don't know where the hell that thing is located. But I'll try ccleaner (in the middle of downloading this)
  17. Man, I dig yo shit brudda! Dat's what I call dem gangsta style! You gotta teach me how to do that man! it looks awesome!
  18. Maybe R*'s checking out the city in vans for the next GTA V layout and all the recorded data are in those boxes but I doubt that's what they're doing. Interesting though, but then again it could just be a load of crap
  19. Hmm... looks like the TV remote my mom has :/ except it doesn't have a coloured golf ball on it, why is there a coloured golf ball on it again?
  20. alright, this is what the problem is! To answer WRX's question, I tried uninstalling it with the CD and the same thing happens. Please help, I can't reinstall my GTA SA with this thing!
  21. Does anyone know what the fuck is this?! Just because of this I can't reinstall GTA SA and play it! Please help
  22. so umm what happened ? imo if you dont have a whole ton of important data on there and if you have a external hard drive / usb big enough to fit the important stuff, i'd reformat and reinstall if i was you. I've actually found a way to get my computer fixed now, so it doesn't really matter now.
  23. Alright! Nothing's popping up saying "shitprogramme is corrupted, please run chkdsk utility" so far I guess it's fixed! thanks for the help!!! But now I've got another problem with my computer! Should I start another topic or just tell what the problem is straight off this topic??
  24. I can finally fix this computer! @Steam, I've done all that, what should happen next? @WRX, will do that. My computer's around 8 months old or so, got it last year. @Raybob, I've downloaded it and I can't read this shit!
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