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  1. sawn-off shotgun and desert eagle are my fave guns
  2. no swimming and you fall off bikes too easily
  3. i like shoreside vale because it has the airport and lots of banshees and cheetas
  4. i like uzi because you can do drive-bys with it
  5. mafia all the way even though they blow me up all the time
  6. in 3 mafia sentinel,banshee,diablo stallion
  7. i like "love my way" by pschadelic furs and also "one thing leads to another"
  8. i play gta whenever i feel like it the games are so great and never get boring if i do get a little burned out on them then i take a little 1-2 month break from them
  9. whats the gun in vice city that kills almost everybody with one shot colt python i think that gun's my fave
  10. Bullet from San Andreas reminds me of the banshee but it's super fast
  11. i didn't like the pedestrians they were boring and stupid i hated the drowning in water thing also hated not being able to fly in planes oh and hated that boats had no radios
  12. right now i am playing gta:the trilogy for x-box daily so i play every game at least 2 hours daily i love the reflective cars and rain effects in gta 3 i'll probably play gta: the trilogy for another month or two before takinga break from the gta games again
  13. mafia sentinel is like my 2nd favorite gta car ever after the bullet in sa
  14. Cj is hilarious when he's driving cars cause he yells such funny stuff like "are you a proffesional moron or just a gifted ameteur"
  15. i love las venturas and the surrounding desert area i like the gambling in las venturas and i like the circle freeway on a side note i love that there is favorites topics on this forum because the other gta forum i'm on doesn't allow it them for some weird reason
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