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  1. Of course. There's always gaming to do, haha. Waiting for L4D and MW2 to come in. Ordered it today. Don't know when it will be in with this weather. Loads of snow at the other side of the sea?

    Knee hight here. Usually I go to school on a scooter. Now that was a disaster last thursday. Couldn't get any grip at all.

  2. Surely you can see what doesn't make sense here.. I hope you do. It's like having an Intel sticker on the case of an AMD powered PC.
  3. Hey dude, haven't been here for some time.. Thought I'd just have a little chat.

    So how's everything going? Vacation now right? Going anywhere?

  4. - Revenge - Because some people should just shut up. That's all I can think of at the moment.. I used to be bullied, now I bully others.. Well, just the ones who annoy me. Leave me alone and you're OK. Just don't start interfering with my business. And I bully people who are very arrogant, because they should just shut up. I never bully fat kids and the like. And I go one on one. I've always thought that acting in a group in sort of sad and cowardly.. Looking back, being bullied did make me a significantly stronger person.. Just made me very sad back then..
  5. Just bumping in.. I really feel very fucked up now.. I'd cry, if I could.. I wish I could.. Going to sleep now.. hoping I'll feel better in the morning.. Hopefully. I'll explain later on.
  6. The hype is killing me. I don't think Activision/Infinity Ward will be able to meet expectations.. It will be good, for sure.. but in the end it's just a very good multiplayer with an average storyline..
  7. Quite funny how Tec is quite like I always had imagined him to be, but then with a smile. Also, Spaz seems to have changed a lot
  8. I'd like to have gaming, if it ever becomes available. Second choice would be the Computer and Tech forum, but there's pretty little activity there.. Mainly just me and a handfew of some other people.. To think of it, Serious Chat and The Lounge are pretty awesome too. I guess I'd have to be a bit less cocky though..
  9. I can't see how any straight guy can not dig Emma Watson. She's hot, let's be honest. So.. you bro just gave you a present worth about 4000 USD, just like that? Pretty awesome bro, haha.
  10. 450 Watt should be enough.. But really, pentium dual cores? I'm sure you can get better for 500 USD. Get some shitty case and a 450 Watt PSU (or more, of course) 9500GT or something like that.. even a 8400 card should do. E7200 (cheap, but good CPU) Some LGA775 mobo.. I dunno, P35 might be overkill. I don't know anything about those P31's, but maybe something like that.. 4GB RAM. Cheap as hell anyway. Maybe 2 if you insist... Drop in 500GB and she's good to go and I think that still is under 500 USD. Though you did mention a monitor in your first post.. She doesn't already have one?
  11. Your brother is earning 250k+ or something? I wouldn't give all of that away even for sex with Emma Watson. Note that After Effects is a visual effects program, not just some animation software. It's one of the few Adobe products I use a lot (together with photoshop, precier pro and acrobat).
  12. The only reason I ever use social websites. Blatant display of ass, all the time. It amazes me how many girls upload pictures in which their breast and ass are clearly in display, but without any face/head visible. Makes me wonder if they really want people to fap for their pictures or something...
  13. Daylight only? You're serious? Well fuck this shit. I want dark.. I can't imagine Valve being stupid enough to only have daylight campaigns.
  14. But then I mainly use WMP (which is WMC), so just for streaming, the 360 would be a better choice. Well, can it actually output 1080p? And I was refering to that new Xbox online service, for movie rentals. The 500k results don't surprise me.. I just wonder how it's going to be in, say, 3 months time. Maybe a good time with Christmas and all.. but what about Jan? Point being: on the long term, I don't expect it to make a big difference.
  15. Just 280 EUR here.. For a second I thought that was a fine deal.. But then.. I don't think it changes anything. The people that wanted a PS3 already have one. The price isn't going to change anything. BD players are cheaper than 280 EUR, so why get it? Perhaps if LA Noire ever comes.. then I might just have a reason, but otherwise I can't see it making any difference for console people... I still see the 360 as the superior system, and coming in at just 250 EUR, why not? With 60 per year for that damned live though.. btw, I still don't own any of these systems and don't want to either. Perhaps a 360 at some point to stream movies to a TV though, but only for that then. And don't see this as a rant. Just want to say that the new PS3 pricepoint isn't going to do miracles..
  16. Happy late birthday. Sorry I couldn't post earlier ): Drunk yet?
  17. Now with the feature that should have been there in the first place: The Parachute. Oh well.. better late than never I guess..
  18. I don't know.. I always just hate pictures of myself.. I'm fine with just looking into the mirror, but just not pictures. I hate it when friends make pictures of me, and it's another reason I don't use social networking sites. Until then.. just remember my mom's from Asia, dad from Europe. I've got short, black hair and I'm about 6 feet tall and have a pretty slim build, I think.. I'll post one day.. Reason I'd hate being judged as not all that strong at first is because people see it as a weakness that can be exploited. Well, it can't, but it's just annoying to always have to make that clear. Too much of a hastle.. It's strange that I'm strong though.. I really don't do a damn. My legs are pretty fucking muscular (you know, with all the lines of the muscles being visible, like in DragonBall Z ), but that could be explained by me having cycled quite a lot to school in the past, but I've got no idea why my arms are so strong and my abs so visible.. I really don't do a thing and used to eat a shitload of food. I don't these days though.. Probably because all the nicotine, I really have lost all my appetite... On the bright side, I'm trying to quit (: Haven't had any today yet.. I'm down to just about 1 a day now.
  19. Zune is elite. iPod is just for the masses.. and for idiots who don't mind using iTunes, which always has been my main beef with the iPod in the first place.
  20. I understand the fear. I was a little wtf at first too when people said they found it to be a pretty funny story. I wasn't scared at the time, even felt sort of amused afterwards (sort of the same feeling as when you evade the cops, but than better. I call it the "Haha, BIATCH!!" feeling), but at the time.. it just felt like serious business, all I could think of is we've got to get the fuck outta here. I made a little discovery yesterday by the way. It seems that we we're not all that far from some place for the mentally unstable (psychopaths, too). The forest being notorious to be a place were these guys go to if they manage to slip out (as it's not a prison and they may leave now and then. Though not at night.. this guy must have escaped. Seems to happen quite often). So basically, this guy was indeed insane and god knows what he would have done if he would have gotten his hands on us. Luckily, I didn't lose anything. Packed everything just in time. I did martial arts quite long ago.. I´ve got very little stamina these days, and though it sounds corny, I actually still am pretty strong. I´d beat most peoples ass of anyone my age. Those ´Though´ guys at school leave me alone cause they know I´d beat the shit out of them if they´d ever really annoy me. All it takes is just looking at them and they´ll back off. Pretty funny at times. I don´t really look strong though.. It annoys me. I´m pretty much just bone with muscle. No fat at all, but it makes my arms look not all that strong, as it´s not very big in my opinion.. People who have had physical contact with me know better, but it´s annoy that usually, people don´t just realize it at first glance. Still, I can´t fight strong grown up men head-on. I'd rely on tactic, and that's pretty much useless when fighting a crazy guy with a weapon. Also, I'm thinking of actually finally posting a picture of myself here, on TGTAP.. but I'm not sure yet. I hate putting pictures of myself on the Internet. Even for some website that practically only consists out of video clips I'm barely ever visible, and that being my own site..
  21. I didn't even know we still could choose Using the default TGTAP skin.
  22. This has been known for a pretty darn long time now.. Meh, anyway.. Stupid? If I would have to believe that article of The Times (? not sure.), he would have had a very, very big problem when Apple would find out. Also, working for a company one actually can't feel comfortable with is, in a sense, stupid. Even if Apple is your religion, I wouldn't want all the pressure of Jobs on me.. Oh, I found it: http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/article6797859.ece?token=null&offset=0&page=1 Worth the read. Read it. Read it now!
  23. Anyone that wants some cash quickly will not sue Apple. Apple doesn't like it's customers, Apple doesn't care. They would be more likely to have succes suing Google.
  24. You mean, it's not possible to change the HDD? Sure it is. I believe the slot to put it in is now located at the front, but it's possible. Or the article I read a few days back was just lying.. Edit: You can't install Linux anymore though. But then who did on the normal PS3? Maybe 1 on the 200..
  25. YOU COPYCAT !! I've got that one. I was about to post it. But the first thing I saw is my very own wallpaper. It's a nice one (:
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