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  1. From bad, to worse -- Edit: Oh boy.. It's like being back there again..
  2. Haha, usually I am :P

    All is fine lately. Little bored though.. I'm actually looking forward to school :s. Bound to hate it when I'm back, haha


  3. Respect for that kid, really. But aren't those motivators and isn't this a demotivational?
  4. I wish you were writing all of your posts first. I wish N would come with a new full Zelda game.
  5. Shit dude, I just discovered that you're one month older than I am ):

    Uhm, hey (:

  6. I don't remember you ): But then I was away at that time.. Anyway, welcome back
  7. A laptop doesn't have a card. Rather, it's usually intergrated into either the chipset or at least the GPU is directly soldered onto the motherboard. They build in native HDMI functionality often, thus it is possible. For this, a converter is to be used. Like WRX said, it's best to just hook it up and use a seperate cable for the audio.
  8. Pandora

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I'd sooo much like planes like the hydra to come back. Please, Rockstar, give it to us.. By the way, wasn't there something about a new GTA game coming in 2010 because Rockstar/Take2 really need some money or something like that?
  9. I wish I wasn't dancing. I feel like dancing.
  10. When going to a someone's profile, any empty lines ( <br /> ) even whow up as <br/> at the "interests" section. Example: -Computers<br />-Going out<br />-Getting drunk<br />-Gaming<br /> And when selecting text, the BBcode doesn't work, but I believe I already read someone saying that a couple of minutes back.
  11. Haha, Gerard´s got a new sig Made that one pretty fast. Looks nice. Reminds me of some game for WinMO. I totally dig the new profile pages. Look like a social networking thing, but done good in this case (as most of the times, those social networking sites simply look horrible). Just waiting for a width fix now. And I've noticed what I think is a bug. Posting it now.
  12. You just had to bump your own topic? Anyway As technology gets better and better, things get harder to code. e.g., the PS3 is much harder to code games for than the XBOX 360. Point is, the GPU of the 360 is quite a bit more powerful than that of the PS3.. What do we love more? GT200 chips or Nehalems? I'd bet GT200. Go for the better GPU. And the RAM is just terrible.. Even id software, with John Carmack, the god of optimizing, fails to get Rage run better on the PS3 than on the 360. In fact, while the 360 is going to run the game at a nice 60fps, the PS3 has to do with 30 (Where's your 'hardware superiority' now, huh?). In the end, the Cell was just a waste of money. They should have kept things simple.
  13. 60 EUR for a the PC version... The console price for the PC version.. We pay thousands for hardware and at least had games just a little cheaper, but Activision loves to screw their customers. Up the price with 10 EUR... Indeed, what is 10 EUR? Not a big deal right? Point being, developing for PC doesn't cost a thing. No royalties to pay to MS or Sony. No other weird extra fees. Nothing for the SDK (not even sure if that costs a thing, but still), but still Activision thinks we need to pay an additional 10 EUR. Who bets this game is going to be pirated as hell? I'm getting the game from Amazon, so no big deal there, but for all the people buying it at just some store... Activision is just putting up their finger to their loyal PC fans.. The people that DO actually buy the game are just being screwed over. Unfair. I've lost quite a bit of respect for Activision by this. Forced to buy it.. MW2 is bound to be epic, so yeah..
  14. I wish I couldn't run any application at all. I wish I could be a dolphin.
  15. I voted porn. Just for the hell of it. But really, as Chris said, it's about everything. Porn is quite low on my list of Internet activities. Mainly news actually..
  16. Meh, you guys should have heared the guy screaming. Nobody sane screams like that. It didn't scare me at the time, all I thought was that I should just GTFO, just in case he'd head our way (not knowing he was running at us). But looking back, man am I happy I took action immediately. Oh, and did I mention that just before I fled (when he was pretty darn f**king close), he said "Don't run from me, boys." Yes, that'd make you think he was up to any good... you should have heard him say it. I'm happy I went. Other then that, I think I heard a women being raped that night, a few hours before the man came. Not sure though.. She was just shouting for like 2 minutes and then stopped. Edit: I totally forgot to tell.. So I was supposed to go to some disco like place today (Hollywood Music Hall, in Rotterdam). I didn't go in the end.. Just because I didn't feel like spending money (as I've got all these fines and stuff). Now it turns out some girl I dig like a motherfucker is there. Really, not just some nice girl. I've seen her as the holly grail of sex for the past 3,5 years now. That's a long time, right? Fuck. She's drunk right now, probably. I envy my friends who are there now. They better now do her.
  17. I quite like it, though it needs some getting used to. My main problem with it, is that after a few minutes of using the new interface, I can't help but feel a little cramped. Not only because of the width, but also because all the text is just a bit bigger and the buttons are much bigger now. It looks nice, but it's a little less practical. At least, for me it is.
  18. Well, he's right though.. It's about 35% lighter. But why would you care about weight? Planning to strap the thing around yourself or what? It's lighter than a pizza
  19. Almost got something'ed to death day before yesterday. Came across some psychopath in a forest. I was drunk, a friend was drunk and sleeping and two other friends were out to get something to drink and would be back within 20 minutes (it was 4:30 AM by the was). And then, suddenly, a man was screaming and charging at us. He was about 200 meters away but I didn't know he was heading for us, so I was just cusually getting all my stuff. I then realized that he, in fact, was getting very near. I beat my friend and told him to get the fuck out. He went, I quickly grabbed my phone, wallet and some other stuff and jumped on to my cycle and took the time just to look back. The guy was just a mere 15 meters away and still charging right at me. Cycled as a motherfucker. I survived, hurray. I won't be going back there at night anymore though..
  20. Yes, on low-end ones, 7 is quite a bit faster, but on any high-end computer, it's about as fast as Vista is (which is just slightly slower than XP. Even faster than XP for games.). Any recent computer is better off runing Vista than XP if you'd ask me.. Just because it can run on higher-end PCs doesn't mean it's better. That just means it's a resource hog. And "recent" doesn't mean "high-end". They are still throwing out insanely low-end PCs, packaged with Vista. I've only seen one laptop in the store with XP since Vista came out. Just the fact that Windows 7 can run well on practically any system that can run XP says a lot. Point being, even mid-range computers will be faster with Vista instead of XP. 7 being about as fast as Vista (on average it's just a mere 5% faster if I'm not mistaken). Mid-range being E7200, 4GB 800 MHz RAM DDR2 (pretty darn standard these days), HD3750 or something like that.
  21. Vuze/Azureus. Never have used anything else. Is mTorront significantly faster?
  22. Then why the hell would it come with the cable and have the manual fuck around with me? Plus, everybody else on the web says that it works fine. You are such a FUCKING ignorant bitch. You've got a DVI card right? It's a DVI to HDMI converter, right? DVI DOESN'T DO AUDIO! Unless you've got some special edition with native HDMI, you just won't get audio off the bat. Let's make a statement here: If our opinions differ, I am always right. And I'd like to know who 'everybody else' is. Tomshardware? They're idiots. Go to any other half-decent site. Everybody knows NV doesn't natively do audio over HDMI. So, let's get this straight, do you have native support for HDMI or are you using a converter? Converter it is, so there... it won't work. But as I said, there is some way around this problem, but it simply isn't worth it and above all, I forgot... I knew it a few months back because I had to hook my computer to my TV, too.
  23. The card is fine going to 105C. It will just underclock itself after that. No big deal.. I've gone to 102 myself. The air doesn't get all that hot and it's nothing interesting.. Risking a 2k machine? No, only a 300 USD card... Just do it, nothing will happen.
  24. I've got a touch phone. Out of laziness I usually use fingers, but I actually do prefer using a stylus. What? The reason people do like using a stylus is because it gives MORE control, not less. Meh, big deal. Fingers is ok too..
  25. Raybob... QUIT POSTING BULLSHIT!! Every single time someone asks for advise, you come up with something that is just FUCKING obvious. Everyone knows that a laptop of 2000 USD is going to outperform a 800 USD laptop. This guy is asking which is the best of that list. Ok, only THAT list, nothing else. And if you insist to post anything else, then post something in the same price-range. You're thirteen, so ok.. guess you could act a little immature now and then, but don't turn immaturity into sheer brainlessness.. All you're doing is a little bit like this: Person 1: Hey guys, I want to buy a car, but I'm not sure which one I can get. You see, I can get is VW Golf for 20k, but I can also get a '02 Fiesta for just 15k. Is the Golf worth the extra 5k? Raybob: WELL IF YOU REALLY WANT A NICE CAR GET THIS!!111! NOTHING ELSE BUT THIS IT'S THE BEST MAN! Pretty darn pointless, you see?
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